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  1. Updated to 10.5 Tried adding SSD cache Still the same problem SKW-SAN> tail -f /var/log/messages Apr 7 20:58:37 SKW-SAN iss: synocomm_types.c:268 szName eth0 is Active Apr 7 20:58:37 SKW-SAN iss: synocomm_types.c:268 szName eth1 is Active Apr 7 20:58:37 SKW-SAN iss: synocomm_types.c:268 szName eth2 is Active Apr 7 20:58:37 SKW-SAN kernel: [ 632.060284] EXT_INFO: INIT Extent-Pool Apr 7 20:58:40 SKW-SAN flashcachehandler.cgi: flashcachehandler.cpp:238 Failed to create flashcache on /volume1 [0xEB00 servicec fg_internal_lib.c:104] Apr 7 2
  2. So we have the choice between gnoboot vfat and ext2 ... can anyone explain me where the difference lies, or why you would use one instead of the other? Thanks!
  3. Just for reference, I'm using two OCZ Vertex2s of 60GB (don't ask, they were spares )
  4. edit: bizarre... forum erroring out but still posting the post...
  5. I'm having some issues with the SSD caching. Runing gnoboot 10.4 with 4458 update 1 When creating a read-write SSD cache, the message "system failed to mount ssd cache ...." The following appears in /var/log/messages: Mar 30 01:20:54 SKW-SAN hotplugd: ##### ACTION:add Mar 30 01:20:54 SKW-SAN hotplugd: DEVICE:/proc/bus/usb/000/000 Mar 30 01:20:54 SKW-SAN hotplugd: hotplugd.c:1406 Device is not in hotplugd supported list. Mar 30 01:22:00 SKW-SAN hotplugd: usb_get_device_id.c:56 failed get usb id Vendor=0000, ProdID=0000, SN=ffffffd0ffffffa2ffffffc3ffffffac Mar 30 01:22:00 SKW
  6. Cool! The speeds seem to be a fair bit lower than IET though. Which release is thix fix going to be in?
  7. Looks promising! I'll be looking forward to trying it out
  8. That is correct, but I could do that with the HBA Beta7 version as well. The problem there being that with IET mode there's no VMware VAAI support, whch kinda is the entire point of me using xpenology So I'm still wondering how I could add the necessary driver and fixes for just the mpt2sas cards myself to trantor's v1.0 :s
  9. Wel damn. I installed v4 and after modifying the max internal disks, I got all my disks detected, however unfortunately the iSCSI target does not want to start.
  10. I'm only finding a link to Beta7 or stable v1.0. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I've been running the v1.0 for a short while and am being very happy with it. The VAAI support for VMWare is awesome (and the mainreason for running xpenology for me). However, I have a need to connect a few more disks to the NAS than the motherboard supports, so I have an LSI 2008 card lying around. (MPT 2 Fusion) Now, unfortunately due to the broken iSCSI/VAAI in beta7 I cannot use the HBA version. Is there a possibility/process for getting this card work in the V1.0? I've been looking for some info in this thread, and it seems it can be done, but being a bit of a Lin
  12. When I will found some time to finish some testing I sucessfully get iSCSI (regular and block) working in iet mode. For regular mode, LUN must be created with advanced LUN features disabled (otherwise errors about vaai occurs). You can test with beta7, iSCSI *should* works too. To switch iSCSI to iet mode edit /etc/synoinfo.conf and /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf: iscsi_target_type="iet" Oh that is very unfortunate. The main reason I'm running xpenology IS because it supports VAAI. I'm using the iSCSI target for an extensive VSphere homelab :-/
  13. Cool, thanks. Is there any loss of functionality with regards to going to IET mode? Alternatively, is there a possibility of only adding the HBA drivers to the v1.0 release? I've been running quite happily from that one apart from that all the motherboard SATA ports are full and I have a LSI SAS 2008 card unused
  14. Will iSCSI be working again in the HBA version of Beta8?