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  1. Sorry haven't been around for a while - and as I'm running DSM on ESXi not using powerbutton anymore myself. I added braswell to INFO: powerbutton_6.1-0005.spk
  2. Spin down is not logged. You can place a tick mark at the energy settings for logging the wakeups - however it's always logged in /etc/var/scemd.log So I can't see the spin down but hear it.
  3. Finally I found a working combination: ESXi 6.5 Build 5969303 DSM 6.1-15101 (till Update 4) Iso boot image that issues booting from USB stick (with Jun's 1.02)
  4. Hi, for quite a while I'm trying to find out why hard disks do not spin down after the set time with DSM 6.x and ESXi Hypervisor (6.0 or 6.5) using Jun's loader. Hard disks are connected to a passthrough SATA Controller (onboard, also tried PCIe). Exactly one and the same setup is working bare metal, also with DSM 5.2 on ESXi. I even tried using a boot iso (as with DSM 5.2) that uses the passthrough USB boot stick (like with bare metal) instead of synoboot.vmdk/synoboot.img combination. No spindown, hdparm -y does a spindown, however disks wake up at once again. I can't see an
  5. I'm just doing my first trials with ESXi. I intend to physically pass through complete hard drives but SMART doesn't seem to work this way. But that's a different problem. One idea would be not to enlarge the already existing drive (e.g. by 50 GB) but to add an additional disk (with 50 GB) later and use this additional drive for expanding the existing one using JBOD.
  6. wer

    DSM 6.1.2-15132

    powerbutton_6.1-0004.spk still works. You might have to install it again.
  7. No. I just did a clean new install. Really quite strange...
  8. Just tried my package on an AMD system with DSM 5.2-5644 Update 5. Works without any problems.
  9. So there is obviously a problem when the needed kernel modules should be unloaded - and when the power button ACPI event "power button pushed" occurs. I'm not sure if this is an AMD issue. There is a seperate power off thread but I haven't found something there. You might follow the orignal instruction and install manually just to see if problem remains the same.
  10. As stated I only tested 5.2 version in VM. Instead self compiled my package only loads one additional module that was distributed here earlier. So nothing special about that. So the question probably is more what hardware do you use. Could you give more details? What happens when you try to remove?
  11. The question is how to issue a suspend to ram! pm-utils or similiar would be needed for that. Probably it's not easy to make it work with DSM.
  12. Edited first posting. Only one version fitting both, DSM 6.0 and 6.1
  13. After posting an archive file for DSM 6.1 in the loader thread already more than one month ago (which obviously got quite lost) I decided now to create an easy to install power button package. See this thread.
  14. I generated an easy to install package to activate a mainboard connected power button for clean shutting down (instead login in web page). Install package for DSM 5.2, DSM 6.0 and DSM 6.1(.1): powerbutton_6.1-0004.spk powerbutton_6.1-0005.spk I have tested DSM 5.2 and DSM 6.1 for the DS3617 versions only in VM. Please report if there are any problems.
  15. I'm sorry for that, shouldnt have written 'just unpack'. I just adapted original former postings off power-off-button to DSM 6.1. I edited my original posting...