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  1. As I said in my previous post, please post anything related to 6.1 and jun v1.02a loader on the main thread. Hi, I have the same problem, about 24 hours after when I login to the NAS flag a page not found. After reinstalling firmware everything is ok. When this problem occurs I can not login to web manage NAS, but Photostaion and Surveillan station normaly run is possible login. I understand that the loader is ALFA just for info. bye czGif
  2. czgif

    4.3 issues

    hello, How much disk space the system takes? I want to buy a quality CF card and the price depends on size. Just 4GB ? thanks Gif
  3. czgif

    4.3 issues

    Oops, sorry I wonder what will be life compakt Flash Drive? When the system is installed on Flash Drive.Does anyone have experience? And for how long will it work?
  4. czgif

    4.3 issues

    Hi I have a question. How much is a challenging xpenology to the records ( log atc...) . I would like booting from USB flashcard and system installed on Compact Flash card ( 16Gb) in the PATA slot. SATA slot will be installed 4 pcs 3TB drive. How long live does compakt flash card? Do not destroy too many records? Thank you for your response. Thank you czGif
  5. czgif

    4.3 issues

    So I look at the maual and the board is RS232 debug port. Any advice?
  6. czgif

    4.3 issues

    Hello, need help installing 4.3 nology to the device SCALEO server. This server does not output to the monitor or keyboard. Can anyone help? Thanks so much everyone. czGif.