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  1. Or a driver is not loaded or your user.config.json is incorrect. If your disks are in the normal sata plugs on your motherboard it should work out of the box. check your user_config.json and if the sata mappings are correct.
  2. First fix that boot issue.. It seems its a known problem that happens to many ppl..
  3. looks good.. seems something wrong with your bios then.. I mean how can it boot in uefi when you have it disabled
  4. hrmm.. U cant use the ./rploader command there.. u first need to boot into linux (tinycore) Make the image with win32diskimager pls.. when you get the same error, you should enable CMS and try legacy boot in bios.
  5. Maybe try to write it with win32diskimager also, u could try a usb 2.0 port? If everything works you should boot into tinycore it seems you arent even getting in tinycore.. It should look like this: ps. If your usb disk is ******* then clean it with diskpart and create a new parttion with windows. - run cmd as admin - diskpart - list disk (check your usb disk number) - sel disk (your disk number) - clean create a new partition with diskmanager of windows..
  6. so i tried the usbidentify and it seems to work but hangs on this line: usbdevice="$usbdev `grep -B 10 -A 10 $usbdev /tmp/lsusb.out | grep iProduct | awk '{print $3}'` Serial Number : `grep -B 10 -A 10 $usbdev /tmp/lsusb.out | grep iSerial | awk '{print $3}'`" I commented that line because above that line you have the same statement in the else block. Now the script continues. It seems that when you have 2 sticks it should not matter becuase you have the select loop for that.. if [ `echo $vendorid | wc -w` -gt 1 ] ; then echo "Found more than one USB disk
  8. ive added a new function to mount a smb share from tinycore.. could be handy to use it as a work folder to copy the loader.img to after build and pat etc.. u need to install cifs-utils. could be some better bash code.. its a bit rusty function mountshare(){ echo "smb user of the share, leave empty when you do not want to use one" read -r user echo "smb password of the share, leave empty when you do not want to use one" read -r password if [ -n "$user" ] && [ -z "$password" ]; then echo "u used a username, so we need a password too" ec
  9. ahh sorry.. i missed that in the help maybe add that "now" with an example in the help.. i totally forgot about that.
  10. there seems to be a mistake in the script? You can't call any of the commands because you made a check for 2 arguments.. if [ $# -lt 2 ] ; then showhelp exit 99 fi It will always show the help when using eg: ./ backup ./ satamap ./ identifyusb etc... I changed it to if [ $# -lt 1 ] ; then showhelp exit 99 fi or am i missing something here?
  11. Awesome work!! Will do my second machine soon! First machine works flawless
  12. before you decide to upgrade to dsm 7 take into consideration that python2 apps do not work anymore. I found out the hard way Like: Medusa, couchpotato etc.. U can always use a docker container. also, i had a problem with my volumes with data.. they were gone because idiot me upgraded with the sata cables disconnected of 2 disks LOL. I managed to get them to work after DSM install, that was a learning experience
  13. Ofcourse, i feel stupid. i thought i did not need it anymore. It works now, i got the migration page.. and see that all my data and software etc.. is still there! I still used 6.1.. I must say, i love your tool.. u did good work bud! The only thing i notice is that whenever i want to build again i have to fill in all the configs. Is there a way to save those? Maybe use a config folder where you can keep the configs and when you build it looks in that folder?
  14. Yep, this works on this mobo ASRock Z87-M8 ITX.. btw, i just enabled ssh and then used winscp to edit the json files so no need to to do it all from the command line. But what i really missed on tinycore was a file explorer.. if you are in a gui anyway that would be a nice addition. I just added 1 ssd disk (new one) and when i start the install i get this error: ( i used the latest bromolow with the latest pat file from synology) I did not add the vid and pid from the usb drive, Is this still needed? Or do i need to boot redpill SATA?