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  1. No problems i could detect but I upgraded to bother DSM version to be on safe side. Just made me feel uneasy that 8 night have been hacked so I had to do something.
  2. hi all, I have managed to install 6.2 on a blank HDD and then re-introduced NAS HDDs and after a repair I have all my data and 6.2 installed. thank you all. I have re-enabled 2FA and hopefully this time there won't be any issues.
  3. milosv

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I tried again with re-downloaded 6.2 files on a clean spare HDD and it worked. I then inserted actual HDD in NAS and removed spare one - repaired the partitions and all data is saved and I'm up and running 6.2 thank you all, I couldn't have done it without this wonderful community
  4. milosv

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    unfortunately I only have mini-pcie express slot free on mobo and cards are difficult to acquire quickly. It seems my RTL8111GR LAN NIC drivers are not suppoirted in 6xx versions so I am unsure how to proceed next. Can I pay someone a beer or two in donation to load my NIC drivers into 6xx version?
  5. @bearcat that was a great idea, and it almost worked until I stuffed up and instead of manual install PAT file I downloaded I clicked on install thinking it would ask me didn't. It installed the latest 6.21 so now I am trying to downgrade the unit. but the idea was brilliant, my execution was poor thank you all, I'll try and downgrade to 6.1 and see if it works.
  6. milosv

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi Guys and gals, your help is truly appreciated. I was updating to 6.1 but mistakenly clicked on install and not 'MANUAL install' and it updated it to 6.2 automatically so it became not compatible with 1.02 loader, so then I switched to 6.2 loader and installation and Migration went fine but afterwards not detected in LAN. Not sure if it is drivers for my setup or something else I did wrong? I really appreciate your help. Motherboard - J3710 - ITX (Bios not updated to latest) CPU - onboard - Intel J3710 Loader - 1.03b DS3617xs SATA - RocketRAID 2720SGL
  7. I tried and I don't think my SSH is activated on the machine :( What about the re-installation of DSM? would it still pick up the HDDs and data?
  8. I did use the admin user, I disabled the default admin and created my own. but SSH crashes after login details are entered so not sure SSH was setup correctly. grrrrr...damn you 2FA
  9. I believe so, I have entered the new website and tested it and updated it. I do know what you mean and that's the most likely culprit but since I can't get in I can't do anything about it.
  10. When I use Putty after entering my correct username and password putty just shuts down without any further prompts. I tried multiple times.
  11. Hi guys, I used 2FA authentication for DSM access for 2 years. last few months my 2FA codes stopped working properly and I had to use emergency email code - that worked fine. I would then reset 2FA and it worked again until few weeks ago. 2FA codes don't work again and this time when I use emergency code via email - no email is received (waited for 2 weeks, tried many times, checked spam solder) - meaning email settings have stuffed up or Google has changed something in Gmail again. In any case, I can't get the 2FA code to work. I can still access data via mapped drive but
  12. HI guys, I attached the screenshot from Security Advisor that one of the files was modified. I didn't install any new apps in 2 months. anyone knows if this is a false positive or a real risk?
  13. Thanks stevem, I bit the bullet and restarted the machine and it worked fine after restart. I was just concerned that if I restart it might all be gone but in this instance a simple turn it on and off worked wonders. I guess the update really should've restarted the machine but for some reason it didn't.
  14. Guys, What the hell happened? I just tried to access the server and I couldn't. I logged into web menu and I got this message: Abnormality detected on Server. All volumes have been unmounted. There is no volume on server anymore. How can I access data? I did notice that automated DSM update occurred 2 days prior to this. Not sure if related. I just want to access my data, I can rebuild the volume/server if need be. Any suggestions are welcome. Of course this occurs just as I was replacing my backup drives of the server so I have only 1 month old backup (backup drives a