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SSD Cache Group is missing after upgrade from7.2.1 to 7.2.3 - Volume is gone


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HI guys,

Upgraded my NAS to next upgrade for 7.2 (update 3), and after reboot I am presented with a message of SSD cache Group is missing.

I cannot see the SSDs in Storage Manager, i only see 2x HDD.

I haven't done anythig overnight on the NAS so SSD cache should not be important. How can I get out of this one?


I do not see my Volume anymore but HDDs are Healthy.


**Update - SSD cache drives not visible at all, I restarted the NAS without any change.

Do I just reinstall DSM 7.2.1 on the NAS? I did this to my old NAS few months ago and all data remained intact.




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I reinstalled the DSM, I used "arpl i18n" loader like last time.


I then 'restored' rather than install new DSM. After few minutes DSM is back.


More interesting things, it is still 7.2.3 (updated one) but now my cache is back and volume is back.


Running  data scrub just to make sure.


I think maybe DS920+ doesn't have NVME SSD support?

I used an addon in ARPL to add NVME support, last time and this time during reinstall.

Maybe update i ran, on its own rewrote NVME support feature and caused NVMEs not to be seen and crashed the whole thing?


Anyway, for now it seems to be working.

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