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    Congrats on the successful installation of XPEnology on your old H55! Do you use an i5/i7 CPU with AES-NI? Which mini-PCI-express SATA-controller did you use? Please note: two versions of the Zotac H55 ITX exist: The model with built in USB 3.0, the H55ITX-C-E, contains a Realtek (i.e. non-Intel) 1000Mbit network chip. The model H55ITX-A-E has an Intel 1000Mbit network chip. Generally, the Intel network-chip is less unreliable...
  2. Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    Never mind; the problem was resolved via a complete reformat of the attached hard drive
  3. Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    Hi! I have installed NanoBoot x86 on an Intel Pentium M x86 CPU/motherboard with an Intel NIC; I can boot up via USB and get to the Web-installation/migration page. Having tried to install several times, getting through the "updating" proces, I never get to the DSM log in page- I seem to be stuck on the DSM-install/migrate web-interface with a "configuration lost" - Migration possible- status. The console output indicates an execution error after starting to boot Startup Daemons, i.e. the web-management interface etc. Please see photo of boot-console here: Edit: added picture of console with Debug boot: Does anyone else that have a similar problem with either the x86 or x64 version? Any advice?
  4. Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Thank you Trantor, for Beta8! I will test and report back as soon as I have some spare time, perhaps this weekend. And thank you also for the extra work you've done to provide the pata_legacy version also
  5. Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Bad news for all of us with a ss4200 or other ICH7/ICH8(-M/-R) based motherboards, I guess??
  6. Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Trantor: sounds great! When do you plan on submitting Beta8 for testing? What's the status on pata_legacy?
  7. Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Trantor, Please include the pata_legacy again in your next (beta)version, thank you!
  8. Synology RS3413xs+ DSM 4.2-3211 x86

    Using RS3413xs_3211-x86-20130525, a 32MB USB drive, a Commell LV-675 and a Promise TX4310 controller I had problems getting the hard drive recognized. I tried all four SATA-ports the controller; on port 3 and 4, the installation would not continue with the disk format, but when connected to port 2 everything worked! Once installed, ports 3 and 4 worked. Perhaps folks having problems with SIL-based controllers when installing should try with all the available SATA-port? A newer version than RS3413xs_3211-x86-20130525 is also available in China; the newer version dated 20130802 supports EXT4 and WOL, as far as I can tell. I have found it on the Chinese NAS-site here: It can be downloaded from here (very slow!): ... 61&third=0 Google-translate lists the features as follows: 1.DSM already pre-installed, you can start the brush into the RAW file (2) support EXT4 file system format 3 Support Sandisk CZ33 PID / VID and ax88179 USB 3.0 card 4. grab physical NIC address 5 support WOL Other than the boot-drive, the newer version doesn't use a .pat-file, but instead it looks like it contains a pre-configured hard-drive image in EXT4 format, compressed to an .IMG-file to be put onto a harddrive. Login details/user/pass: admin. Has anyone tried the newer version dated 20130802?
  9. XPEnology gnoBoot

    Which version is appropriate for testing on real hardware?
  10. 4.3 issues

    I own an old 128 MB CompactFlash card; the XPEnology boot-files (the . IMG-file) fits that 128 MB drive. However, with more hardware drivers included, the boot drive requirements could be increased to e.g. 256 MB or more. Note, many of the current Synology-products have a flash-drive for booting that is only 16 MB.
  11. Trantor, I was wondering if you could try to make a test build suited to 32-bit CPUs? Given that the DS214play uses a 32-bit only (not able to process 64-bit) Intel Evansport SoC, the Intel Atom CE5335, it *must* be possible to compile and make a 32-bit version of XPEnology. I believe that a somewhat limited version of 4.2 was hacked, but it didn't work well and installation and setup was, well, cumbersome and limiting (file system usage limited to EXT2). Info from CPU-World: "The platform will support 32-bit Linux..." ... vices.html Evansport GPL: ... nsport%29/ Offering a 32-bit version opens up XPEnology usage for a whole range of older legacy hardware, such as the Intel 32-bit CPUs: Pentium 4, Core Duo, Pentium M etc. Looking forward to testing the v1.1. Do you have any idea of how many use XPEnology?
  12. Just a note: These might work well with XPEnology - intel NICs - Intel + Marvell SATA ... 2550R/U3S3 ... l=C2550D4I ... l=C2750D4I
  13. Does this release require a 64-bit capable CPU or will a 32-bit work, e.g. 32-bit Intel Pentium M 740 or Intel Core Duo T2500 ? Oh, and thanks for your work; I'll test it when exams are over in January '14.