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  1. Must be a USB 2..most computers have a hard time booting from a USB 3.0
  2. Im running with Jun´s loader and it works perfectly. I just wanted to know what the difference between Jun´s loader and XPEnology Configuration Tool & Bootloader DSM 6.0.2-8451? Is it worth changing over to this new loader? Isn't base on Jun´s loader?
  3. The QuickConnect service that Synology offers is nothing other then a free DDNS service. Each time your public IP changes, QuickConnects tells synology that it has changed and sendes the request to it.
  4. Sorry I didn´t do this as I don´t use any Synology services. I had xpenology 5.2 installed before. via synology assistent, I found my mac and serial number there. How about this then? ... alid-pair/ Says your Serial needs to match the mac's
  5. Flash Mac to Nic? I wouldn't recommend ever flashing a nic with a new Mac address. If you look at step 5 in the guide on the first page of this thread, it tells you what you should do with the Mac address. Oke thanks. So i have to add 2 MACs? and i can generate these macs and serial using the calculations online, but i have to flash them to the cards as well am i right?
  6. Never use the's used only to administrate the server if its turned of. Basic functions of ILO can be used without a license.
  7. A tip about which USB pen to's better to use a USB 2 pen. Size doesn't matter. Alot of machines have a hard time booting from a USB 3 pen. I work in a IT deparment and we have this problem when installing windows servers.
  8. Like the title says, here´s a plug in to get DTS to work with Video Station. It works with the latest version too. ... o-station/ I take no credit for this, just found a useful link
  9. Followed the guide, works to the T. This should be a sticky Thanks for all your hard work.