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  1. This day and age there is rarely a case where a VM can not be replaced by a light weight container. Talking about berformance, you should always strive towards run as close to the metal as possible. Hardware virtualization is by design a performance hog.
  2. It is QEMU, I have been working on trying to get it to work as "normal" QEMU. The version deployed with VDM is compiled without VNC support. From my research the QEMU source does not contain any custom Synology code, but they have backported a patch. Several of the libs have been modified by Synology with provide the DSM integration for QEMU.
  3. Just compare the Synology Docker "package" with the vanilla equivalent and you should have the answer.
  4. You can find a place to get the latest version with a Google search. 871790_001_spp-2016.10.0-SPP2016100.2016_1015.191.iso MD5: 3e93873632c5758666c5b1c305d557ea SHA-1: 829eb4a5d7276aceead5254aeaabe488a11a55bd SHA-256: 3e7943ae12f6071efa087e327086b81aa06b13d4ea0c2d60290cd442aca3c289 https://www.google.com/search?q=871790_ ... 15.191.iso
  5. Have you checked your router to see if it gets an IP from the DHCP service?
  6. Did you update the image on your USB? viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20216 viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22100
  7. TBK

    Working DSM 6

    There are alternatives, granted they are not distros but apps/"personal cloud applications". Check https://cozy.io/en/comparison/
  8. Open source is open source, and Synology is breaking the law and has been doing so since the release of DSM 6 by not sharing the modified open source software they include in their linux distro.
  9. Your query has nothing to do with this thread, create a new one for your question.
  10. No, that is not possible since the binary files have been compiled for a newer linux kernel.
  11. If anybody should be interested in updating the firmware, then you can grab the iso here http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib2/software ... 0921.6.iso
  12. TBK

    Working DSM 6

    @substorm I have looked through the DSM6 beta2 code and I do not think Synology have made major changes to the source between b2 and RTM. The only protection feature I could find is the closed source kernel module synobios.ko which is not a new way for Synology to "protect" DSM. Yes it is possible to move a raid from one DSM machine to another.
  13. TBK

    Working DSM 6

    If you like me would like to play around with the Virtual DSM Manager, then you need more than one NIC. In VMware add more NICs. Make sure the VM is off and then open the "DSM 6.vmx" file in a text editor. Find ethernetXX.virtualDev = "e1000" (eg. ethernet2.virtualDev = "e1000") and change it to ethernetXX.virtualDev = "e1000e" save the changes and then start the VM again. DSM will discover the new NICs.
  14. What they are writing is a blatant lie in accordance with: Source: https://opensource.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.php
  15. Just to clarify Logitech is from Swiss and Razor is from the USA. I stumbled upon this website http://gpl-violations.org/ which might be useful in our fight. As far as I see now the only option we have is to get one of the Linux kernel developers (has to have contributed to kernel 3.10.77) to file a law suite against Synology in EU (countries like Germany and the Netherlands are preferred) or the USA. Does anybody know the "right" mailing list to use to get hold of kernel developers?
  16. QEMU/KVM which Virtual DSM Manager is build on is hardware virtualization, so technically it can run any newer version on top of a older version of DSM.
  17. This is the last reply I got:
  18. Without the Synology modified kernel code the tool chain is not worth much.
  19. My reply was very like my initial mail, reminding them that the license does not allow a delayed release of the source. I will wait a few days to see what they come back with and if nothing good happens I will contact the Linux kernel developers.
  20. I got a reply Monday, but I did not have the time to answer it until yesterday. In short the reply said that they were not ready to release the source code and they were working on adding more patches....
  21. I got a mail Friday from the UK sales office that confirmed that they had received my request and that they would have inquire internally. I am hoping for an update later today.
  22. That might be the case, but it is required by the license so Synology has no choice.
  23. I suspect that is one of the reasons the DSM 6 src is not available yet. Synology also needs to release the modified source code for their official packages that is based on OSS.
  24. If they ignore my request I will contact EFF and the Linux copy right holders (Linus and the other kernel developers), they have to option to sue if they want, but I am pretty sure that Synology will comply since they don't want bad press.
  25. The Linux kernel is under GNU GPL v2 which has the Copy Left clause. DSM 6 and other version contain a binary version of the kernel and therefor the source code has to be released at the same time as the binary version is made available, not doing so violates the license. I have therefore today written a mail to Synology informing them that they are in violation of GNU GPL v2. I would also like to remind the XPEnology team that XPEnoboot also contains additional modification of the "DSM" kernel and thus also has to be made available alongside the iso, img and vmdk.
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