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  1. how can we add update 2 manually if we just created a new DSM 5.0-4458 using gnoboot 10.5?
  2. Using gnoboot 10.3 alpha all works except push notifications. On the prior build I had installed (4.3 -3180) I used the SN of an DS713+ and push notifications worked fine. Not this time around using same SN as before. System Specs: Mother Board ASUS P6X58D Premium, Dual NIC (both work) Processor: I7 950, 3.06Ghz RAM: 12GB Storage: 7 3TB seagates all connected to main board 1 port still empty and appears to work. performance in excellent File copied from one folder on Volume 1 to another folder on Volume 1 was close to 38GB and took 6 minutes LAN performanc
  3. How do we add a serial to this release? THANK YOU !! Gnoboot working on real hardware (mobo P6t. i7 , 4GB ram) just need to add serial Never mind figured it out, thanks again
  4. Don't let the voice of two speak fir the rest of the community, most of us are grateful for your work, and all those who contribute to the forum. Some people can't help being ungrateful. It's in their DNA. Thank you!
  5. I don't think that's the case at all, If you ask kindly he usually responds. Gnoboot spends his time to share his work with the community, asking for clicking on his adds, or donations is just. How often do you work for free? Probably never. If you don't like gnoboots methods you have every right to wait for Trantor (another great person that shares his findings as well), use another OS, or just go spend $3000 on a real Synology. (patience is your friend)
  6. take a look at this post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1353&start=60#p8660 , a kind member "iceget" has posted a small program making it simple to manipulate the vendor file. many thanks to him! and the great minds that contribute to this forum.
  7. is there a way for me to assign one of my 8 sata ports to be an esata? would be great to have an empyty tray just to slip a disk in to have it shared to the lan
  8. so many threads about serial number and mac address, i'd like to know what way will undoubtedly work on this release. one that will show a serial number and the right mac addresses. After I reboot too
  9. When I test upgrade from 3202 to 3211, I "loose" data and config but some users have successfully upgraded their system without loosing data... so BACKUP data first ! Look this viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1086 it can help you. Not really working on new version (4.3 have some disk/volume detection issue/protection), but fixing some request for 4.2 build My holidays are over tomorrow, so I will have less time to dedicated to xpenology No, I just add anti-leech system. Link is valid only 60sec. IF we just update the usb drive and don't upgrade the .pat will it do something useful? o
  10. - burn new img file with this prog >>> win32diskimager - follow this manuals for reinstall >>> What about the .pat file.
  11. How exactly can we upgrade to ver 1.2 (in layman terms since my Linux knowledge is very limited) thanks in advance, Nick
  12. is there a host controller for this build that's sure to work? which 1?
  13. is there a host controller that would be sure to work on this build? Which 1 ?
  14. had similar issue, must take out USB after unit is found before you click install
  15. Just thought id chime in and post my success. Motherboard used= Asus P6t v2 Deluxe Proc. I7920 Sata ports= 6 (port 5 always seen by DSM as esata, but can be used as a hot spare eathernet ports not recognized, had to add a intel pcix nic using it with 5 3 TB Samsung disks Everything seems to work except quick connect, avg read and right in a gig network is 110MB/s big files or small Plex works on 1080p transcoding to multiple clients w/o a hitch. Overall much better than my real 1512+ if I can help anyone with similar specs feel free to pm me. AND a BIG Thanks, to the creator