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  1. Checa que tus discos esten en AHCI en el bios. Seguro estan en IDE, es una motherboard vieja.
  2. Reinstall. I had the same problem with my original DS1815+. After I made a clean install I was able to login.
  3. Viewing the surveillance station is CPU demanding. I have tried in some basic computers and it doesn't do the work. I currently have an i7 Brix and thats the only way to keep up with 4 HD cameras.
  4. Not sure in your commands question. I would just turn off the NAS. Unplug a disk and turn on. About your 2 disk vs 3 disk question. If you have 2 disks is like Raid1, if you have 3 disks is kinda like raid5 (I think?) Anyway you always (by default) have 1 disk tolerance. That doesn't mean if "disk 1 fails then the disk 2 will come in". Its more like if any drives fail (just one of course) your data will still be there. With 3 drives is the same, disk 1,2 or 3 can fail and you will still be able to read your data. Just google SHR or Raid and have a read.
  5. @NeoID If I have MyDS working then I have valid serial/mac pair, doesn't it? I have MyDS working and still I was unable to activate my camera's license. @mazedk install an earlier version of Surveillance Station (7.0 as far as I remember) activate your license, then update normally through package station. You should be fine.
  6. Damn it, bought 8 camera license and cant add it. I reverted to 7.0 and it worked, but after update they were gone too.
  7. Along with the INTERNAL USB PORT, lol. So nothing sticking out.
  8. The 3615 does not support SHR but the xpenology image does. You can get an asrock avalon octa-core board with 12 sata drives. I read it works perfectly fine and the performance is great. Cheers
  9. Well just so you know, my Proliant Gen8 never recognized the disks anymore. I downgraded and updated again and everything is working fine again!
  10. Well I have restarted around 7 times, and shutdown 3. My disks are not recognized yet. HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 . Any ideas?
  11. Hello, as Poechi said, I replaced one, repaired, completed repair then turn off again, replaced the second one, repair. Everything works fine but I still got that message and I cant seem to fix the system partition. No relevant message in the logs, is there any other log I should check? like in telnet or something? I might just redo the whole setup, just have to buy a 4TB drive to backup everything. Paul
  12. Hello! After replacing (growing) my SHR Raid from 4 x 3TB HDD's to 2 x 4TB + 2 x 3TB I got "System partition failed" in both 3tb's drives. Theres a repair button in the storage manager, however I get a blank pop-up that says "ok" and nothing happens. Any clue? Is there any way to repair this manually?
  13. Hello! Yesterday my Xpenology with DSM 5.0 (HP Proliant Microserver Gen8) dropped a disk out of nowhere and got degraded. I unplugged the disk and plugged it back and turn on again. I went to manage and repair the volume and it started repairing (the disk was fine btw). After it finished it still says degraded. I found some information in the forum but didnt work. I have 4 x 3TB in SHR. If I log into ssh mdstat throws the following: md3 : active raid5 sdb6[5] sdd6[3] sdc6[2] 2930228352 blocks super 1.2 level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [4/3] [u_UU] md2 : active raid
  14. I see 4.2 Toolchain in here What's all needed? I'm interested in building my own as well. As I already tell, we need x86_64 v3.2.30 4.2 Tool Chain to build DSM 4.2 from scratch (atm only Intel x86 Linux 3.2.30 (Evansport : atom 32bits platform) is available for x86 arch) No 1.4 will still be 4.1, but maybe the last of 4.1 branch...(if synology release what we need) Thanks Im confused about the 4.2 build in the general forum then. Whats the differencE? Thanks