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  1. It's a HP Gen 8 and I'm just using the built in controller (although I'm aware it's not amazing) so no extra controllers for now. I'm going to use the discs from the other machine in the ESXi machine but I don't mind losing the data and starting from scratch.
  2. Do I need to use RDM? I had planned to use virtual disks.
  3. Hi, I'm currently using a baremetal machine for XPEnology and I'm in the process of moving all physical devices into a ESXi box. I'm using 5.2 on the baremetal and I've seen on here that 6.1 looks like it's about to be released so I'd like to go with that on the ESXi machine when ready. What's the best way to migrate the systems over? Anything I should watch out for?
  4. I was getting the errors with eth0/eth1 not running. The machine wasn't receiving an IP via DHCP for some reason however I configured a static IP on the HP and then it connected fine (changed back to DHCP once setup). I generated the password for the day which changes daily then ifconfig'ed a static ip. Hope it helps someone!
  5. Vodka, I'm having the exact same problems, did you manage to resolve them?
  6. Finally had a chance to get going on this, although I'm having problems with XPEnoboot. I get to the "DiskStation Login:" screen however Synology Assistant doesn't detect any systems. Looking back at the console the server has assigned itself a 169.254 address and doesn't appear to be getting an IP. There is also a message stating "eth1 not RUNNING". Any suggestions? Photo here
  7. Thanks for all the responses guys, Valver, it's interesting to hear that your changes based on load, I got the impression that it would just sit at a fixed speed if I installed it directly. Looks like I'll go with the bare metal install for now then! Thanks all.
  8. So as the other thread suggests the only real way to have control (by software anyway) of the fans is to use ESXi? For CPU power management, I'm assuming I'd need to follow this tutorial if I didn't use ESXi? So are there any real benefits to not running Xpenology under ESXi? It looks like if I do I will be able to manage fans and power usage along with the VM features in the future.
  9. Thanks Das, can you control the fan speed (for example under load) through the DSM? Or does it not communicate.
  10. Also, has anyone tried using the dual LAN ports? Will they work correctly with Xpenology?
  11. Rusty, Nick W & Valver, thank you all for your quick replies. I can't see me wanting to use the system for VMs although I'm just wondering if there's anything else I'll be missing out on if I don't use ESXi? For example, this thread, viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2147 suggests that I will have problems with the fan controller that could be resolved using ESXi?
  12. Just purchased a HP gen 8 for Xpenology and I'm slightly overwhelmed with the install options available to me, just wondering if anyone could give me some best practise advice so I can get it right first time! I've had a little search but most of the threads I'm finding seem to be quite old (not sure if the information is relevant anymore!). I planning to use the machine for only Xpenology, is there any point in me running Xpenology under ESXi? If not then I will keep it to a bare metal install. I was planning to use the built in micro SD reader however posts online seem to advise aga