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  1. Now it does not show up at all doing lsmod I cleared files and started from scratch with rebuild.
  2. @pocopicoSounds good, I thought so, so I tried to compile the drivers for the first time myself, and succeded with broadwell. But have no clue how to get them into tinypill. I am familiar with the file structure of normal synoboot.img but I still feel pretty good that I could get this far, lol. Thanks again
  3. @pocopico or anyone else with knowledge, I have used a tutorial to figure out how to recompile the drivers for 3617xs broadwell, I used the version 7 toolchain. So now I have a directory full of .ko and some firmware files for my broadcom nics I see how to install them with normal synoboot image, but how do I insert the newly compiled drivers into tinycore redpill. Also if the vid:pid need to be changed to match my nics in driver how would I go about doing that? It seems that the drivers are in a file format on tiny pill that has a .bsp extention, tho that may be incorrect. Thanks in advance
  4. I left it at the default setting of user_config.json which is SataPortMap": "58", "DiskIdxMap": "0A00" I have a 12 sas drive raid 10 on a 16 port card.
  5. Appendum: I stated earlier that everything worked on 3615xs, I since found that the 10gbe broadcom adapter driver is not working(Bnx2x). lsmod shows it is loaded with no dependency usage. 04:00.0 and 04:00.1 is address.
  6. @pocopicoI have sucessfully installed 7.0.1-42218 bromwell (3615xs)with tiny pill and everything works, and it migrated my 32tb raid 10 without issue. When trying to use the broadwell 7.0.1-42218(3617xs) image, it boots but does not find network cards. So I did ifconfig from diskstation shell and indeed nothing shows up but loop 127.0...etc. This is on the exact same setup that 3615 runs on. It has a 4 port broadcom gigabit adapters(bnx3) ,10gbe broadcom, and mellanox connectx 3 in the chassis. lspci.txt
  7. @Unregistrado might want to do an lspci -nnu > lspci.txt in tinycore shell, and post lspci.txt file on here @pocopico and see if they can point you in the right direction.
  8. @Kaneske I believe mpt3 is for LSI sas 3 controllers which is what I have yours is an older card I believe.
  9. LoL, that is a tv stand for a 65inch monitor. But I hear you. I am retired and lazy at this point in my life, so eventually I will get around to it.
  10. @pocopicoWE WiN! Thank you so much, that did the trick. You are one helluva programmer and troubleshooter. The community is blessed to have you. Keep it moving forward.
  11. @pocopicoHere it is, it sees it at 05:00.0 lspci.txt
  12. @pocopico lspci -nnq command is not available, I looked in bin and sbin for it, not there. here is the output. This is in relation to tiny pill diskstation I left off the q in -nnq this time, but I typed it several times and it was not available.
  13. quote I tried tiny pill with the 3617xs loader, but it just kept rebooting as soon as it started to load. I compared the dmesg of both 6.2.4 and 7.0.1-42218, and what I see is that the driver is assigning the drives in the former. I am wondering are there some dependencies that your extension(pocopico) is not loading? @pocopicoHere is a picture of lsmod from working 6.2.4 DS3617xs. notice the used by is 36, on tiny pill it shows 0. Also there are several modules shown that I believe are necessary for your driver to work, I could be wrong, you are certainly the expert pocopico. But