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  1. I would love to see Prolific and FTDI USB Serial drivers included
  2. I bought this: http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B009DAM ... ge_o00_s00 and IT WORKS! It has a C-Media chipset
  3. could you tell me what chip it is using? or maybe do an lsusb or dmesg directly after plugging it in
  4. Hi everyone, does someone know which USB audio dongles are compatible to nanoboot if any?
  5. Hi first of all please use latets gnoboot version (10.5) you told you are still using alpha 7 To the root PW: It is an automatically generated PW only synology should know. But there are different guides on the internet to calculate it. But I had no luck with it...
  6. Also hast du nur eine 3TB Platte, kein RAID? weißt du, wie du per SSH drauf kommst?
  7. I believe this driver is not built in (note: Synologys list doesn't matter! gnoboot replaces synology's Kernel and so it brings its own drivers! Check http://gnoboot.me Unfortunately my TeVii S660 is not yet supportet, too. I hope he can get it running for me as optional module or sth as driver requests for release have been closed yet.
  8. Clean is always better. I have a strange problem, too... My Photo Station stopped working at any point when I was installing some 3rd party packages. I uninstalled them all again but it didn't soly my problem. It is not accessible anymore via Web... I am currently thinking about reinstaling cleanly...
  9. It looks like if there are three disk groups with one volume overt them. Did you do that manually or is that a feature of SHR? I am sorry but I have no idea at the moment...
  10. Hi, kann mir das eigentlich nicht vorstellen...
  11. sagen denn dmesg oder cat /var/log/syslog irgendwas nützliches? //Edit: Wenn wir schon dabei sind: cat /proc/mdstat Und euer genaues Setup! GNO-Version DSM-Version (exakt) Hardware (Mainboard, RAM, Speichercontroller (falls gesondert), welche Platte steckt an welchem Port) Durchgeführte Tests?
  12. Sorry forgot # lvm pvdisplay # lvm vgdisplay Just wanna see the current setup to find sth that DSM could probably see...
  13. If I were you I would move my data to a safe place and reinstall clean wit all discs using SHR as volume type. Then move data back. It will protect you against a lot of trouble. Something wents wrog and I do not know wthas synos problem. We can go on guessing but without any warranty! Try to post the outpu of the following commands: # cat /proc/mdstat # df -h # lvdisplay Then I can guess what the problem is. Or you could creat port forwardings for SSH and DSM Web and PN me with your user data then I could hav a quick look over it. Also tell me if you want me tot ry to fix it - which might cause full loss of data - or not.
  14. Well I think it should not dhow up if you do it right (Raw copy to the device not to a partition!) As I remember then gnoboot will hide itself from the syno system
  15. Well you could even use an external just buy a nano usb stick... You don't see it so you won't mind it...
  16. You should be able to set that in your BIOS settings. BIOS Setup -> Boot options and search for something like Legacy Boot or MBR instead of EFI
  17. Jerome, do not use EFI! Use Legacy Boot. It will work!
  18. Try using autodetection # mount /dev/gnoboot1 /mnt I guess you flashed the vfat-image, not ext2 (I might be generally wrong in my understanding though )
  19. If you did not modify gnoboot you can just reflash the net vfat. So you have a clean install and its the easiest way. else just replace zImage-File.
  20. Panja, just check! if its 1.0.1 - 1.0.1f you are in fact affected. If it's 0.9.8 oder 1.0.1g you are not.
  21. Good Luck One last hint: You can issue the command cat /proc/mdstat from time to time to see how the progress goes. Rhere is also an assumed rest time
  22. Well md3 : active raid5 sdb6[0] sdc6[3] sda6[1] 3662792256 blocks super 1.2 level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [4/3] [uUU_] This is your degraded volume. As you can see sdd6 is missing (4th slot) I would first try to reboot and then repair over menu. If that does not work or if it is not possible at all you can issue the following comand on SSH: # mdadm /dev/md3 --add /dev/sdd6 then wait a minute and issue # cat /proc/mdadm It should now show a rebuild/resync in progress Always remember: Any change could harm your data! Always -and I really mean ALWAYS - have a backup! I guess you meant Disk 4 with your second disk 3 One more note: For RAId it is always a good idea to have the same Disk Types. At least you should have the same speed. But fortunately with MD it is very flexible so that different-disk-setups work well in most cases.
  23. yould you please log in to your DSM using SSH and user root with the passwort of admin. Then execute the following commands andpost the output here using a CODE-BBCode: # fdisk -l # cat /proc/mdstat (The hashes just show it's to be executed in root mode. Do not enter them, too!) Please also tell us which HDDs you are using and in which constellation (what disk in which slot) DSM sometimes has a problem with rebuilds. The Web UI says it would be ready but mdstat shows it is still resyncing.
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