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Hard Drive not detected on Abit nf-m2 nview motherboard


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i am stuck on Abit nf-m2 nview moyherboard.

I installes intel 100/1000 nic and now i can find my xpenology 1.02b.

but hard drives are not detected both ida and sata.

no ahci mode in bios found.

if i buy the above sata controller will xpenology work?

xpenology.me/compatibility sais all areca are supported by 6.1 ...

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I think this mobo uses the NVidia sata chipset, which may not be supported. You should try the enhanced extra.lzma file from @IG-88, I'm not sure if that contains the modules, but test it.


I'm also not sure if the Areca is supported, but you do not need an 'expensive' raid controller for xpe/dsm, a 'cheap' 4 port jbod card from syba (based on marvell chipset) will probably work fine



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the board seems to be mcp51 and that driver is not working



according to my driver list arc11xx is supported but in this case i dont see how a pci-x controller (64bit) is going to work in a "normal" 32bit pci slot

at least unlikey that it will work in a 32bit slot


safe bet is a ahci controller because ahci is supported by the original kernel of synology

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