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Can reboot to "reinstall" option of Jun's loader lead to a FSCK ?


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I rebooted my machine, selecting the "reinstall" option of Jun's loader, but the Synology Assistant can't find the machine so far. Seen the fact that I experienced some problems lately, is it possible that prior to coming available, a file systems check might be running ?  Is there a way to validate that (what could be causing the delay of becoming available) ?

Or is something else potentially wrong ?

I just want to avoid forcing a shutdown in case a file systems check would actually be running. In that case I can wait until the machine becomes available again.  In any other case, I assume the system frooze...


Many thanks in advance for your feedback !


Kind regards,


Cooled spirit.


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If there is a file check running, sometimes running the Assistant will connect to the unit and give you a 'countdown' of the minutes left, its not always effective though.

If you can see a lot of hdd lights activity that might point to a check running and the rest of the system services (eg LAN/web interface) may not have started.

The best way to check for sure is a serial port connection/putty link, there you can see the full load process logs.

If you do reboot then the file check starts again, I think

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