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Best value-for-money hardware for baremetal


Hello guys,


Couple of years ago, I got a Proliant N54L to make my own XPn.

It was very conveniant, and also cheap (around 120€ here without disks).


I'm looking for a second XPn server, and was looking also for some good but cheap solution.



=> Gen8 seems conveniant for a baremetal setup: all drivers seems okay. Could you confirm that ?


=> For a rackable install, what server would you suggest ? again with a good "value for money" rate.

    There are a lot of second hand servers sold on the Internet, so it seems interesting ...



Thanks !



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I personally have been looking at the IBM x3650 M1, good solid servers that are dirt cheap for good specs.


Slightly higher power consumption with it being older kit and it can only hold 2TB disks but at <£100 on average with 2 CPU's it is the best i have found so far.

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