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  1. croustx

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I All, I cannot boot the key with my HP Elite 8100 as it does not suporte UEFI. Do you have a classic MBR version ?
  2. Same issue here. Got 3 network cards. None is working. Edit : Grub cannot load the kernel with that version
  3. Hello guys. it seems Virtual Machine Manager is not working on several configurations because of "memory issues". On those who are able to run it, could you please detail your config ?
  4. Hello Guys, I setup yesterday an old HP elite 8100 that comes with 4gb and an I5. i also have 6 (six !) RJ45 ports It's damn fast compared to my N40L. i just need a way to put all my disks in a nice way BUT ! I cannot make Virtual Machine Manager running. It is just complaining about memory not sufficient. And VT is activated in the BIOS. It seems i'm not the only one having that issue : Did anyone succeed in running that package ? Thanks.
  5. 4. Synology is able to run with 512Mb of ram... If you are not using SSD cache, 4Gb is more than enough !
  6. Hello guys, Couple of years ago, I got a Proliant N54L to make my own XPn. It was very conveniant, and also cheap (around 120€ here without disks). I'm looking for a second XPn server, and was looking also for some good but cheap solution. => Gen8 seems conveniant for a baremetal setup: all drivers seems okay. Could you confirm that ? => For a rackable install, what server would you suggest ? again with a good "value for money" rate. There are a lot of second hand servers sold on the Internet, so it seems interesting ..
  7. croustx


    Autre solution : installer Virtualbox sur le syno
  8. Tu as changé le repertoire d'instal par default de la MV ?
  9. J'ai testé Ca a l'air pas trop mal. Sauf que pour une raison inconnue, lors de l'installe de W7, la machine virtuelle se met en pause et impossible de la relancer ... Edit : résolu. Par défaut, les images s'installent dans la partition système - donc la clef usb de boot ...
  10. I confirm - I've tried yesterday with an older version of 5.2
  11. Hello ! J'ai loupé quelques mises à jours, et je suis en DSM 5.2-5565 Update 1 Auriez vous un tuto sous la main pour moi ?
  12. Hello ! I am from the French section and also looking for solutions. Because the licence was blocked we all downgrade to the beta version. Did you find any good other solutions to share ? THANKS !
  13. So ... that means we can install ubuntu on our Xpenology servers, right ?