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Help-need guidance w/h DSM install


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I am a student at the University of Cincinnati and am looking to install DSM on one of my home rigs


I have:

Right now:

2C2T Sandy bridge Celeron (2nd gen intel)

Gigabyte MOBO (embedded CPU)

4GB ram

Various  1, 2 & 3tb HDDs

Vtech 4 port HBA card


In the future? (when I upgrade my current gaming rig)

4c8T Xeon E3-1265V3 (I7-4790 equivalent )

on ASUS or Asrock or Gigabyte MOBO

16 to 32gb ram

Various  1, 2 & 3tb+ HDDs

HBA card

Possibly cache SSD

Possibly 10GBe if prices are right


I would be looking to experiment with hosting a website, and

also would like to store video content on this server.

I don't know though, what image and loader version to go with.

I played around with DSM 6.1 BUT any time I went through the Synology Assistant,

It would brick my build. The nas would not get recognized when i boot it back up after using the assistant.



I am looking for the best Loader and PAT file for my goals.

I want a stable system, w/h expansion

that I can expand to a bigger CPU and more ram.

I want to play with features, but also need to

know that my data is as safe as it can be.

*I have a DROBO Right now, but it's been giving me headaches

so i want a new primary Nas Server*


ThX, Josh

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First thing to advise is that XPE/DSM is a 'hack/hobby' project and so if you have valuable data and or hosted services that depend on it or its going to be a 'primary system', make sure you have a backup strategy. The project could 'end' at any time with Synology changing the security/open source aspects of DSM.

That said, there is a lot of good support and knowledge in this forum and elsewhere, the risk is for you to determine.

Both of your hardware lists should be compatible with the latest loaders, but if you give some more info on the current/planned mobos then it will help to confirm and debugging your issues. Your 'bricked' install may just be changed/bad modules network drivers so easily checked. Try connecting a serial port for debugging the boot load.

Also, the HBA, check the chipset most lsi are ok, the 10gb nics may be another to check.

Personally I'd give XPE5.2/DSM5.2 a trial first, that older boot loader had more drivers included and less complicated setup (ie no editing vid/pid). If you get that system up an running you can check the modules loaded and forward plan your 6.x install.

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My current MOBO: BIOSTAR NM70I-847

Also, what is the difference between DSM 5, 6.02 & 6.1 and which is the most stable.

Also, which PAT file would i use and what is the difference between them? (3615XS ,3617XS and 916P?)

And which Loader Version would i use from the Loader DOWNLOAD link? (1.01a, 1.02b ect.?)


I just want the most stable version with decent features that I can upgrade later on

* I do intend to run 8+ Drives in the future if my storage needs grow to that later on.


Thanks, Josh


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need most stable...
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1 - Differences between DSM versions can easily be checked on Synology website or other websites. 6.0.2 is simple and upgrade to 5.2 and 6.1 is an upgrade to 6.02. All versions cited are stable. Latest is 6.1.4

2 - You would need to use the pat file corresponding to the model of the loader you are going to use. For differences between models simply look at Synology's product website.

3 - For the loader to use that would depend on your hardware but I believe it's all mentioned in the forum (FAQs). I suggest you have a read at them. We created them for a reason. This said I suggest using the 3615xs. It's the loader that most people use and should work for you.

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