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Best docker Version for DSM 5.5 5967 update 6


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Do you depend on SPK file and want to have the Docker UI?

Then the latest supported version for DSM5.2 is https://usdl.synology.com/download/Package/spk/Docker/1.6.2-0036/


Are you willing to put some effort into getting a current docker up and running?

You don't depend on the Docker UI?

You are willing to make your hands dirty and get on the shell to do series work?

If there is a slightest chance, it is by following the steps described here: https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=190&t=128339&hilit=docker+install&start=30


#### WARNING ####

do not perform the steps on your productive environment, rather setup a vm to test a) if the approach leads to  success and b) if XPE does not get messed in general because of those changes.

#### WARNING ####


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