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Which 10gb network card



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Thank you for your answer. According to your post I assume a Broadcom BCM57810S card should work.

I was wondering if an Intel X520-DA1/DA2 or an Intel Intel X540-T1/T2 would work. since they appeared to be used a lot and are easy to find on Ebay.



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it was not a complete listing just divers i already had memorised

the intel's you mention are "ixgbe.ko" and thats also part of dsm 6.1

just choose a card google for information wahts the kernel module and check if its in dsm*.pat file (~220MB) inside the hda1 file (/usr/lib/modules/) or in jun's loader in the extra.lzma, you can also look what parts and spare parts synology sell's and whats onboard in the systems synology sell's

the "native" synology ones inside dsm file might be a better choice as there is no dependency that someone else provides a driver

the driver support for 6.1 in general is thinner then for 5.x and i expect it to get worse with 6.2 (dsm that is now in beta and will be the new dsm in q2/2018 - but thats just guessing)

even if there is no driver in dsm and jun's loader, if the kernel source is availible (an for 6.1 it's availible) and there is a driver source that works with kernel 3.10.x then its possible to compile driver, like the new an cheap Aquantia AQtion AQC107 (cheaper then the Tehuti nic's)

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