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DSM 6.1


I'm reading this forum's messages but seem to keep going round and round.

I just installed XPENOBOOT 5.1 running DSM 5.1 (put boot image to USB stick), downloaded 5.1 PAT file and installed DSM - easy.


Then I read about DSM 6.1 (Jun's loader) but can't seem to find simple instructions on how to install.


I found the 1.02a2 loader that I'm assuming needs to go to my new USB stick to boot but WHERE do I find the DSM .pat file to install the actual DSM ??


Do I need to download a modified .pat file to install DSM  -OR- can I use the official ones from synology's updates ??


I'm sure this information is here and has been discussed but I cannot seem to find it anywhere.


Can someone point me in the right direction please!!!!!



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