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DSM 6.1.x iLO


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Goodday all,


I'm new on this forum came by this site by coincidence, because i was looking for some kind of alternative for freenas.

Working with this now for 3 days, gor it working a a simple pc at home work perfect no problem.


now i want to get it working on my dedicated server esxi 6 the server is not physically accessible but i have iLO access.

the server is a HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2.

i have no local access to it so i can't use the find.synology.com site like i can at home.

as far as i can see (tried every tutorial i could find around here about esxi install but non seems to work.


is it possible to get this working over iLO (i know i need to reconnect the loader everytime i reboot)

so my question is could somebody help me out? helping in getting it to work in esxi ( i can grant someone access for vSphere or over Teamviewer)



in ESXI the loader seems to work but can never access it on port 5000 (everything is still open btw firewall completly off)


My thanks in advance!

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On 13-9-2017 at 10:06 PM, dynax said:

You can host another VM (win/linux etc) on the same ESXi host to use find.synology.com from that VM (via remote log in that VM).


I did that to. but found out a problem. i have no dhcp and can only setup manual ips. i have access to the web on my ubuntu vm. but not on the Dsm. now the question how can i setup a static ip on this vms? can i setup something in grub? i need to manually add the ip/gateway/subnet. its and /32 network and my gateway is in another subnet.

which i can access if it's all setup static tryed it out on ubuntu.

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I know it can be done as Quicknick did it in his loader configuration tool.

Maybe he made entry that loads the Linux kernel and run a script by passing init=/path/script

or he pass custom argument on the kernel command line.  I've never tried so I can't pin down the specific.  You may want to contact him to see how he did it.


It's best to get a DNS server up and running on your ESXi host.  Then you can SSH onto the ESXi host to see the IP address of your xpenology (or any VM for that matter).


If you don't have physical access to the hardware then how are you going to get the hard drives for your NAS installed?  For best/most stable config, you'll need to PCI-pass thru the entire HBA controller.  





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