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  1. Maby to hlep others post the link here?
  2. Got it working, using this image: https://mega.nz/#!t8xiVJ6K!aOmfjy8w-DSFTDKn7eX_8-0PSW6E1_PsWk8JDkJin7A and a dhcp server on a second vm
  3. I did that to. but found out a problem. i have no dhcp and can only setup manual ips. i have access to the web on my ubuntu vm. but not on the Dsm. now the question how can i setup a static ip on this vms? can i setup something in grub? i need to manually add the ip/gateway/subnet. its and /32 network and my gateway is in another subnet. which i can access if it's all setup static tryed it out on ubuntu.
  4. Goodday all, I'm new on this forum came by this site by coincidence, because i was looking for some kind of alternative for freenas. Working with this now for 3 days, gor it working a a simple pc at home work perfect no problem. now i want to get it working on my dedicated server esxi 6 the server is not physically accessible but i have iLO access. the server is a HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2. i have no local access to it so i can't use the find.synology.com site like i can at home. as far as i can see (tried every tutorial i could find around here abo