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delete DSM partition from disk - notes

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Hi, because of DSM install in Raid1 partition in each disk, this create a restriction of possible uses:


my goal was to have a raid 1 volume to archive (2 drives) / 1 time machine drive / 1 download drive


last two single drives don't need really a fault tolerance (they could burn with no problems) and obviously each group could work separate to others:

archive could stay in hibernation for weeks, time machine wake ups like every hour, download drive could works for days in a row and stop for other days...


like said in opening words, the idea was to delete DSM partition from first two archive drives (thru linux live) to free them to work during DSM normal activity, well.. it not works :lol:


at the end, DSM start, see two disks like "unused" but at the same time is unable to create a new RaidGroup :-|

now i try to clean completely the drives, probably it works


any other ideas to have a separate hibernation management?

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use open media vault (runs just from usb stick or extra disk) or just plain ubuntu?


if power consumption is so important you can also just take 2 bigger drives as raid1 and expect it to run most of the time, calculate it and count the money the power costs per year

i dont think modding something like dsm/xpenology to heavy defeats the whole purpose, it should be easy to set up, to use, to maintain - its much of a balance act as it is without tinkering on partitions and whatever

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first of all, i'm building a NAS... :wink: if i put a ubuntu or similar i need monitor/mouse and so on


OMV was my first option but


is in transition state from 2.x -> 3.0, debian 6 to 7 (initd conversion etc etc...) debian 7 lacks totally netatalk (Time machine) support, Btrfs tools (manual snapshot and many other terminal use needed) and in general i understand is a one-man-project ( great Votdev) he is a good coder :cool: , but development goes very slow (i understand, maybe he have to find food to code free for all)


my Nas has been under construction for a year and a half ( :shock: ) in my free time... i tried also Rockstor, very good project but very... help me to say "very", unstable (but have good management of Btrfs and works well with AFP/Time machine)


now i'm testing 6.0.2/3516sx/jun's BL 1.01 and is first approach to DSM.. it's great! it's work very well, fast and eye-candy WebUI, full of tools and very stable in general


but... i have this problem with hdd hibernations.... my fear is this approach could wear drives which are very rarely used (archive)... ok it's raid1 and i have an external hdd to back up entire machine also, but i think is idiot not give a try (when i tried everything else before, to be clear)

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