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  1. first of all, i'm building a NAS... if i put a ubuntu or similar i need monitor/mouse and so on OMV was my first option but is in transition state from 2.x -> 3.0, debian 6 to 7 (initd conversion etc etc...) debian 7 lacks totally netatalk (Time machine) support, Btrfs tools (manual snapshot and many other terminal use needed) and in general i understand is a one-man-project ( great Votdev) he is a good coder , but development goes very slow (i understand, maybe he have to find food to code free for all) my Nas has been under construction for a year and a half ( ) in my free time... i tried also Rockstor, very good project but very... help me to say "very", unstable (but have good management of Btrfs and works well with AFP/Time machine) now i'm testing 6.0.2/3516sx/jun's BL 1.01 and is first approach to DSM.. it's great! it's work very well, fast and eye-candy WebUI, full of tools and very stable in general but... i have this problem with hdd hibernations.... my fear is this approach could wear drives which are very rarely used (archive)... ok it's raid1 and i have an external hdd to back up entire machine also, but i think is idiot not give a try (when i tried everything else before, to be clear)
  2. 1 - confirmed, 6.0.3 crash everything 2 - gparted could handle btrfs if are installed btrfs-progs / btrfs-tools 3 - you can mount raid partition in linux only if is installed mdadm package, give a try
  3. Hi, because of DSM install in Raid1 partition in each disk, this create a restriction of possible uses: my goal was to have a raid 1 volume to archive (2 drives) / 1 time machine drive / 1 download drive last two single drives don't need really a fault tolerance (they could burn with no problems) and obviously each group could work separate to others: archive could stay in hibernation for weeks, time machine wake ups like every hour, download drive could works for days in a row and stop for other days... like said in opening words, the idea was to delete DSM partition from first two archive drives (thru linux live) to free them to work during DSM normal activity, well.. it not works at the end, DSM start, see two disks like "unused" but at the same time is unable to create a new RaidGroup now i try to clean completely the drives, probably it works any other ideas to have a separate hibernation management?
  4. bal000

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    tested -on an Asrock N3700 itx- , every time in Force Install** - 1.02a2 / 6.1/ 3617xs -> after 24h more or less webpage stop working at all - 1.02a / 6.1/ 3617xs -> after 24h more or less Volumes disapper - 1.01 / 6.02/ 3615xs -> some problem about disks never spin down*** now i'm trying to use 916p, but i can't find a way at all: - 1.01 / 6.02/ 916p doesn't exist ..... Jun planned to release this at some point?? - 1.02a / 6.1/ 916p and 1.02a2 / 6.1/ 916p ....bootloader for 916 lacks "force install" option so the machine is unreachable from Synology assitant... **every time Synology assistant at the end says "not complete, timeout error... but DSM started as well *** about this point, anybody know if each Volume created on DSM could go in sleep mode independently or usually they spin up&down all together?
  5. a questo ho trovato risposta: pare sia installato in una partizione in raid 1 per ogni hdd (quando viene creato il disk group, su un nuovo disco)
  6. Salve a tutti sono approdato su Xpenology data la (testata) scarsa stabilità dei competitor opensource (OpenmediaV, Rockstor, etc etc) o l'esagerata richiesta HW di ZFS devo dire che il sistema DSM è una bomba! interfaccia scattante e reattiva, molto ben costruita (suggerimenti che puntano automaticamente alla sezione etc etc)... stupefatto! volevo dissipare alcuni dubbi, attualmente uso la guida Jun's (avevo provato la DSM 6.1 3617x / 1.02a loader ma era instabile) SW: bootloader 1.01 dsm 6.0 3615x HW: asrock N3700 4Gb di ram 2x2Tb (raid1 con Btrfs) + 1x1Tb "Base" + 1x320Gb "Base", tutti in 2.5" futura espansione con pci-ex 4 o + porte sata.. da vedere in futuro l'idea dei due drive "base" deriva dall'idea di mettere servizi ad alta richiesta come Time machine & windows Backup sul 1Tb e transmission sul 320Gb, in modo da lasciare in pace il raid, lasciarlo in spin down ed usarlo come archivio foto/video/musica che tanto verrebbe usato poche volte al mese condito da un hdd esterno di backup generale del nas ora mi sorgono una serie di dubbi: - dove viene installato tutto l'OS? sul disco collegato in SATA1? potrebbe essere caricato su un ssd (usb) a parte? - il serial number... deve essere della chiavetta usb o della scheda madre (io ho messo la prima e parte... ) - differenze per le varie immagini? (916+/3615/7xs).. quale conviene alla mia scheda? - con il loader 1.01 non dà problemi ma pare non esista il 916+ che sembrerebbe piu affine come hardware.... inoltre (apro un altro thread? ) - trasferimento usb 3.0 diretto tra hdd esterno e nas pare andare male, molto male - anche il trasferimento in rete non è un jet, ma potrebbe essere l'attuale network, dovrei spostarmi su un network Gbit e non ho tempo ora - sospensione/ spin down disk pare non funzionino a tal proposito, prima avevo attivato vari servizi (Transmission, Plex e un programma di backup di synology) poi ho spento tutti i servizi installati e pure qualcuno del DSM ma continuo a sentir girare gli hdd (sospensione della macchina proprio non appare nella scheda) qualcuno mi illumina?