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I am Salah. Don't let name fool you. I am a white , 6'2, and offspring of hippie parents.(hence name)

I have been in IT for "GAWD knows " how long..

I currently run many Corp networks as a System Admin.

This is a Lab project for me as I have many real Synos deployed and this gave me many more options to reuse older "decommissioned" systems to test many ways to set them up in real world situations.


current "nutbaggery" here: 17240583_426138114399929_6310470154727610151_o.jpg?oh=37be93dff30e1e2c5fa61ba8103a02d0&oe=595E09FC


All syno all Juns

viewtopic.php?f=2&t=31010 old stats as I am moving to current DSM

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Seems that others are scared to introduce themself :razz:


Currently have the following hardware:

Core i5-4460

16GB Mem

ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac

Silverstone DS380

3x 2TB

3x 3TB



Planning to buy new hardware this year.

This time i will go for the following case:


This is a U-NAS NSC-810A

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Another sysadmin :grin: i have little room to play with hardware, in my "lab" i have only two baremetal, one Gen8 in which there is installed xpenology, and one A1SAi-2750F with 32 Gb of ram in which there is my Vmware lab both are connected via 10Gb network without any switches

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