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M2 Volume doesn't work no matter what I try (no Throughput)





I have been trying to enable M2 volume on my NAS following this script for enbabling M2 Storage and this script for updateing the HDD database.


Creating the Storage and Volume always works but the read/write speed of the drive is as slow as a regular HDD. 


Benchmarking the Drive results in "Throughput not supported". I tried different SSDs, different DSM versions and even a totally different system (AMD and Intel).


What am I missing? Any help is really appreciated since this is driving me nuts :4_joy:




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I am using Automated Redpill Loader (i18n) latest version.


The PC is an AMD Ryzen 5 4500 with an Asrock B550M PG Riptide Mainboard. However, I have also tried it with an Intel System with the same result. I have also tried a different loader. 


The NVMe are detected by the system and I can create a storage pool as well as a volume. The problem is always that the read/write speed is on the level of a regular HDD and not a NVMe (around 130 Mb/s). 


Given all of this I am certain that I am missing something / doing something wrong. However, I cannot find my mistake because whenever I try again the same occurs. No matter what kind of NVMe I use (I tried many different ones just to make sure...)

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It's not the loader causing it. I get the same "Throughput Not Supported"  on a real DS1821+ for both internal NVMe drives and NVMe drives in a E10M20-T1.


Interestingly it does different types of tests depending on the location on the NVMe drive.

  • For internal NVMe drives it did a Basic test.
  • For NVMe drives in an adaptor card it did an Extended test.
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Today I tried a totally different bootloader (fbelavenuto/arpl) and a later Version of DSM (7.1) with the same result.


Given the fact that this doesn't seem to be a common problem I have to assume that it has something to do with the brand/make of M.2 SSD I am using.


I ordered a Samsung M.2 today to test this hypothesis. Will report back the results.


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How is the actual read/write speed of these drives in your case? 


I only did the Benchmark after realizing that the speed of the drives wasn't what it should be.


See the screenshot of the speedtest of my DSM M.2 Storage Volume....


but the drive is correctly recognized




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