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how do we automatically unmount the bootloader usb ?

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I currently have several Xpenology units in operation, all functioning seamlessly with ARPL. I'm quite pleased with their performance and overall stability.


While everything is working flawlessly, I have encountered a minor issue that is more a matter of my personal preference than a problem with ARPL or Xpenology. Nonetheless, I'd like to address this loose end before considering the project a 100% success.


Specifically, when I boot up DSM, I can see the bootloader USB drive in the DSM GUI. I'm interested in finding an automated way to unmount it. I've attempted to create a user-script in which I specify the `/dev/` path to the USB drive to umount, but unfortunately, the GUI doesn't reflect the fact that the USB drive has been unmounted.


I'm reaching out for advice on how to achieve this automatic unmounting of the USB drive. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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After connecting to SSH, can you see the synoboot devices using the command below?


In the case of ARPL and



In the case of TCRP, I checked both.



There is a process where the USB stick is mounted as a synoboot device and not as an sd# device.
Perhaps the problem you are experiencing is caused by this mount not working correctly.


Recently, wjz304's APRL-i18n seems to have added beneficial behavior for mounting this synoboot device.
TCRP uses the boot-wait addon to wait for 10 seconds.
It seems that the latest version of ARPL-i18n also added this method of waiting 10 seconds for boot-wait.


What are your results?

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