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Hardware question J5040 or N100


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Hi everyone, I'm new to Xpenlogy and I'm looking to set up a small NAS and the two options I'm considering are Asrock J5040 ITX or Asrock N100M Micro ATX, with the J5040 I see that there is no problem and everything works fine, with the N100 I see that it works, but being so new there are some problems with codecs and transcoding in plex.


The N100 attracts me more because it is more powerful, it supports M.2, but of course, I mainly want to use the NAS for a video and music server with Plex, add an Azuracast (radio server) through docker and the usual NAS services, backup copies of photos, documents, print server, torrent, etc...


The N100 on the other hand, only has 2 SATA ports and 1 M.2, the J5040 has 4 SATA ports, although I guess this, with a PCI card I can add more sata ports to the N100 or more M.2, I guess come on.


What do you recommend today, the J5040 or the N100?


Thank you.

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I have another question, instead of the previous options I could take advantage of a PC that I have at home with:


Intel Core i5-12400F 4.4GHz
Gigabyte B660M DSH3 AX DDR4
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 PC4-25600 16GB 2X8GB CL16 Black
Crucial SSD 1GB
GTX 970


This would have a higher consumption and more power than the Asrock options.


Consumption could be lowered with an I5 12400 or an I3 12100, which has integrated graphics.


I have seen little about these 12th generation processors, I don't know if they would be 100% compatible with Xpenology.


Would you recommend these options or better the boards with asrock processor?

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On 30/8/2023 at 0:32, Refer said:

Tengo otra duda, en lugar de las opciones anteriores podría aprovechar un PC que tengo en casa con:


Intel Core i5-12400F 4,4GHz
Gigabyte B660M DSH3 AX DDR4
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 PC4-25600 16GB 2X8GB CL16 Negro
Crucial SSD 1GB
GTX 970


Este tendría un mayor consumo y más potencia que las opciones de Asrock.


El consumo se podría bajar con un I5 12400 o un I3 12100, que tenga gráfica integrada.


Poco he visto de estos procesadores de 12ª generación, no sé si serían 100% compatibles con Xpenology.


¿Recomendarías estas opciones o mejor las placas con procesador asrock?

I have tried with an i5-12400T (it has lower consumption) it is difficult to find because it is oem and it works quite well with the DS3622xs+ configuration

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