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  1. i have successfully bought the motherboard you adviced me, could you please advice me a good card for adding 2 more sata ports ? have a nice day
  2. i do not understand why you propose me generation 8, as in the old N54L you can put 6 (3.5) drives inside you cannot put 6 drives inside. gen10 is still worse than the old models. i think you do not understand what i asked. i have a 6 drive configuration with a HP N54L, i want to put my 6 drives, and install the same xpenolygy on USB in a new pc as small as the N54L, and as Silent as the N54L, to get my 6 drives config work again. this is simple. at last someone who understood the post, what i would like. what kind of processor is included w
  3. i know that N34L and N54L are good quality, but who knows ******* happens. is there a way to get an equivalent, or the N54L is so mythic that it will never be replaced by something else ?
  4. is it possible to put 6 3.5inch drives inside a Gen8 microserver because curently i have 6 drives inside an HP N54L (2 drives are inside the 5.25 slot) ?
  5. hello friends, i need an advice and i really do not know what to buy. i have an old N54L with modified bios and 6 drives inside (i have bought a bracket to put 2 drives in the 5,25 bay slot), and he is running now 24h/24 for more than 6 years. he is running jun loader on usb, 6.2.3 25426 update 3 which is the last version supported by the actual loaders. i am afraid that the motherboard may die in the next months, and i would like you to give me some advice for a replacement. i would like a quiet server as the N54L Was, with a fanless processor,