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RAID4 not supported in Synology GUI


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Why is RAID4 not supported in the Synology GUI when there is nothing faster.


Even with my 2-bay, the performance is extraordinary and can't be topped. For this I connect a 3rd hard drive for parity via USB or eSATA.


It would be nice if you could add it to the GUI via hack. At the moment I'm only working with "RAID4" as description.

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No not at all. It is similar to RAID0 and RAID10. RAID5 is totally slow because the data disks also have to write the partity data of the others, and this at a completely different place on the disk.
With the two hard drives in the 2-bay, I always write > 400 MB/s. Writing the parity data doesn't matter, since that's what the dedicated drive is for. Also, the parity disk only has to provide half the write performance.

If a disk fails in the RAID5, the performance is completely gone, where it would be almost unnoticed with RAID4.


They would like to sell >8-bays with fat processors, that's not possible when you can set it up easily on the cheap devices via GUI.

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