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Axient Replibit BDR running XPEnology

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So I posted this in the General forum but it probably belongs here as I am a non-linux admin {N00B}.......LOL


So I was able to get the boot loader running with TCRP and I ran through an installation how-to at https://xpenology.org/installation/ but now I am a bit bamboozled as to how I get the DSM software installed and running? I downloaded a copy of the DSM_DS3622xs+_42661.pat to use as I am trying to re-purpose this Axient Replibit Pro backup BDR box. This thing is a beats with a Zeon processor, 64gb of ram and 24 SSD drives connected to an LSI Raid controller. I had to remove the M.2 SATA SSD in order to get the TCRP to load via USB drive. So I have gotten this far but have run into wall as I cannot seem to find any information on how to get this PAT file installed? Can someone possibly help a non-linux admin get through this forest?

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20 часов назад, Don Keedick сказал:
Can someone possibly help a non-linux admin get through this forest?

You do not need to be a linux administrator to install DSM :)

Try bootloaders with semi-automatic build mode:


After executing Build and Reboot: wait for some time for the initial start of the DSM, open using the browser <your IP>:5000 (it can be found using Synology Assistant).

Then it will be clear. For example, in ARPL, you can not download *.pat manually, it will download it from the internet

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I think it would be good to know how to build a NAS with TCRP from start to finish, even though, M-Shell and ARPL are great tools that makes the process that much easier.

@Don Keedick, should you want to proceed with the final steps you can download the .pat from the Synology Download center and select "Manually upload a .pat file from your computer". Here is where you can find the steps https://kb.synology.com/en-ro/DSM/tutorial/How_to_install_DSM#:~:text=To install DSM with Internet,Find your device.


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