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  1. Are you using apps that need to be on DSM 6.x.x to work? If not, would you consider moving to the DS3622xs+ and DSM 7?
  2. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 7.1.1-42951 - Loader version and model: Automated Redpill Loader 0.4 alpha 6 DS920+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: Bare Metal, Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF - Additional comments: Updated to ARPL 0.4 alpha 6
  3. I believe 25426 is a working update... but.. Have a look at this post before you do:
  4. Looks like you need to disable the AMD SATA controller. Do you still have an optical drive connected? If so disconnect it. Its not needed. Enable hot plug for the hard drives in the bios. Set onboard SATA controller to AHCI. Then try the build again.
  5. That platform is loosing support Give the DS3622xs+ a try or the DVA1621+(That uses an AMDCPU)?
  6. What is your hardware? (Motherboard, CPU..etc). Is the H200 flashed to IT mode?
  7. Non c'è bisogno di installare di nuovo. La tua rete è configurata in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)?
  8. Qual è il tuo hardware? Hai disabilitato VT nel BIOS? È necessario che VT sia abilitato per avviare una macchina virtuale in DSM. Dovresti disabilitarlo quando crei il caricatore, ma dopo aver installato DSM, puoi abilitarlo senza problemi.
  9. I believe driver for RealTek R8xxx are included in the loader. I have a Gigabyte B365m DS3H working with DS918+ for 3 years on 6.2 and recently updated to 7.1. It uses a R8118 NIC.
  10. Do you get any errors during the build? Can you post the output?
  11. You need at least a Haswell processor for the DS918. You have a 3 gen Celeron. Give the DS3622xs+ a try it works with most hardware
  12. Boot back into TinyCore and execute the following: /rloader.sh update ./rploader.sh postupdate broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661 exitcheck.sh reboot
  13. You may want to have a look at this post. Its from 2017 but it may clear some things up for you about that card:
  14. AHCI is what you should use. DSM will create the RAID when you set up a volume. Is there a way to initialize the drives from the 6405 BIOS?
  15. Try to build a DS3622xs+ with the Adaptec aic94xx SAS/SATA driver. Install the controller and build using the following: ./rploader.sh clean ./rploader.sh update ./rploader.sh fullupgrade ./rploader.sh serialgen DS3622xs+ ./rploader.sh identifyusb ./rploader.sh satamap ./rploader.sh ext broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661 add https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pocopico/rp-ext/master/aic94xx/rpext-index.json ./rploader.sh build broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661 Save your output (incase you have errors so that you can post it) then reboot
  16. I've never seen a boot process without something showing on the display. Post a screenshot of what is displayed when you boot TCRP on your build.
  17. It may just be a bad flash drive? Do you have a spare that you can try?
  18. The commands are not on the USB. When you execute a command it reaches out to the repo to check and download what is needed for your build. What program did you use to burn the image to your flash drive? Which image did you use? Which tutorial are you following?
  19. Can you try without the Nvidia card installed? Keep the build as simple as possible .. you can always add devices later. Make sure your BIOS clock is right Make sure your boot order is set to boot from USB Set Bios boot to BIOS for tinycore-redpill.v0.8.0.0.img.gz , OR, UEFI for tinycore-redpill-uefi.v0.8.0.0.img.gz (BIOS is the safest choice that works on most hardware) Turn on hot swap for all hard drives Turn off virtualization if you have it
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