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Latest Tinycore Redpill or ARPL on HP Microserver GEN10


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Anyone got either TCRP or ARPL 1.0-beta2 working on a HP Microserver GEN10?


I'm currently on TCRP and DSM 7.1-42661 Update 4. I was trying to update TCRP (or switch to ARPL) before upgrading to DSM 7.1.1-42962.


While both loaders build and boot OK (meaning I can reach the NAS over the network), neither one detect any drive connected to the Marvell 88SE92xx controller - DSM complains that no drives are connected. The SSD connected to the other SATA adapter, meant for a CD/DVD drive, gets detected OK.


TCRP reports no drives connected to the Marvell controller when running ./rploader.sh satamap now. ARPL does the same in it's equivalent step.

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Nope, no solution. Currently on TCRP and DSM 7.1-42661. I suspect there's something going on with the Marvell controller drivers and Linux, since I also wasn't able to access the drives in an Ubuntu Live environment (and I've been able to do that before!), but I haven't looked into it any further.

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Thanks for reply. I had just tested the latest APRL v1.0-beta9 , i had managed to use the automated installer and installed all the boot loaders available,using latest build available on the loader, one by one, just to try. I've ggot ip and fine connection for setup procedure,and i also got ip on booting. Issue is that i can't see it on the network after that, the assigned ip it's just available for 2 seconds after booting and after that request timed out on that ip when pinging. 

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I got now my HP Proliant Microserver Gen10 installed with "tinycore-redpill-uefi.v0.10.0.0.img" with DS981+ 7.1 Image

But now i stuck in a boot loop....

whatever i'am booting (Redpill Loader (USB) or Redpill Loader (SATA) ) the Synology DSM Screen shows me to migrate my "old 918+" 
if i check "migrate now"  DSM shows me installing the DSM an after rebooting the same !!!!    

What ist "Tiny Core Friend" meaning and what purpose ????

these screens here are shown...

where did i think wrong or did fault ?


I removed the installed HDD (just one for testing) and found there are no partitions or data on it !!...

but with "./rploader SATAMAP the Marvell Raid controller was found as well es the integrated AMD Disk Controller !!!


Screenshot 2024-02-04 114452.png

Screenshot 2024-02-04 114510.png

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