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My 6.2.3 machine barfed real bad after like 3 years, had to recover like 10tb of data using Linux. Ugh.

  • I have a real serial from my ds918+ can i use it? I had 16+ Hdd's going.
  • How can i find out if my pcie to sata card uses a "Port Multiplier" ? I just made sure to get one that didnt allow raid.
  • This is my card, will this work for this?  MY NEW 10 port sata pcie card
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10 hours ago, flyride said:

Right in the link description it says this  "✔ Supports FIS switches based on port multiplier switches or commands."


So yes, your card uses a port multiplier.  Generally if there is a SATA device driver required for Windows, it is a port multiplier card.


My apologies, I didn't see that in the description, I should read better. 


I only assumed that it might work because I installed it and setup ubuntu os using the card, without any drivers installed. 

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I wanted to reply to everyone with some success

using 918+ on latest release, 7.1 HP 800 G1 HASWELL, i got a 10 port and multiple 4 port pcie to sata extension cards working in redpill 7.1 Tested many different ways, just plug and play, this makes me very happy. Benchmark speeds were amazing too

Like Flyride said they are labeled as "port multipliers" on amazon but they all work full speed no problems on 7.1 redpill in pcie x16 port and pcie x1 ports


SO, now I've got a 918+ with like 18 available pcie 3.0 sata ports. Of course i am not sticking with this old motherboard, so maybe i'll update when rig is complete one day soon

I'll be listing them below.








4 Port Pcie to Sata Extension Card  $29.99

IO CREST 4 Port SATA III PCI-e 3.0 x1 Expansion Card Non-Raid with Low Profile Bracket ASMedia 1064 SI-PEX40156

4 port Pcie to Sata extension Card   This one is only pcie 2.0!!!! i dont suggest! but works like if you use spin drives  $23.99

SATA 3.0 4 Port PCIe Controller Card,PCI Express to SATA 3.0 6Gbps with 2U 4U Fixed Brackets,Plug and Play PCI E Cards,SATA 3.0 Expansion Card  



And my personal favorite, the TEN PORT CARD! YES!

10 port Pcie 3.0 to Sata Extension Card $55 on sale for amazon prime sale until midnight tonight
PCIE 4X SATA Card 10 Ports,with 10 SATA Cables and Low Profile Bracket,PCIE to SATA 3.0 6 Gbps Controller,PCIE to SATA Expansion Card,SATA Controller,SATA PCIE Card,ASM1166+JMB575 Chips

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09FPHWP38        $55 on sale for amazon prime sale until midnight tonight



Hope this helps someone. I buy a lot of stuff so ask if you need something similar tested or tested in a different board chipset










drives 2.PNG

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