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Proxmox+3622xs+, error


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Hi there,


I dropped the creation of a VM under ProXmoX of a DVA3221, because incompatible with my CPU. Really a shame, because I mainly use Surveillance Station, and the 8 licenses are a big plus.

So I wanted to create a VM of a DS3622xs+.


VM detail:


HDD virtio0 = ISO TinyCore

HDD sata1 = Syno Disk


The boot is going perfectly, and I can configure and create my "build" without problem.

Here are my commands:

INFO : DiskIdxMap=1000 / SataPortMap=16


After the message "Welcome!" of the Syno, it asks me for the *.pat file, and begins its installation.


Problem it blocks at 59%:



If anyone has an idea, I'm a taker.


Thank you for your help !

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TinyCore is not an ISO, are you using the published loader?

Regardless, if you want to use Synoboot (boot loader from disk image) it must be attached to SATA controller.


Your 1TB data disk therefore must be connected to the SCSI controller in Proxmox.  You have them backwards.


If you use emulated USB image instead of Synoboot, you can connect the data disk(s) as SATA.

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