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Filestation: Please Install the latest Java suitable for you


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This is driving me mildly crazy.

I'm on DSM 5.2-5592 Update 4


Doesn't matter which machine I access Xpenolgy from I keep getting the message to install the latest Java and that my Java security settings have blocked an application every time I click on file station.


BUT Java is up to date on every laptop or PC I am using to access the server.


Any clues please why it is saying this and how to resolve?



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Here are some images using Firefox to access local drives from within the DSM file manager.



Check your plugin setting






Temporarily allowed







After allowing each popup the page will refresh



Now you can access your local drives from the DSM file manager

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Thanks for this helpful reply

I have tried it on IE, FF, Edge all with the same result

Java isn't blocked on IT or Edge AFAIK but I will check


Maybe there is a difference between 32 and 64 bit versions of the browsers? The screen shots I took were from FF 32 bit.

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