Redpill + Tinycore works for new installations (in my case) but not for 6.2.3 to 7.0.1 upgrade

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Hi guys:


This is weird. 


I'm using a NUC 6CAYH (1 bay) with comes with a realtek NUC. Intel J3345 (apollolake) 


Using Juns 1.04b loader plus extra drivers extra and extra2


Transcoding working.


If I follow the procedure for installing 7.0.1 with Tiny Core and Redpill everything works fine when using a SSD WITHOUT a previous installation.


If a follow exactly the same procedure but the SSD contains my previous juns 1.04b/DSM 6.2.3 installation, then does not find anything.


If I just wipe partitions of the SSD then find, find the 918+ and I can proceed but wiping my previous setup.


Have anyone found this behaviour and solve the issue?


Otherwise I'll have to backup the SSD disk, restore it, reconfigure everything and reinstall entware, transmission and flexget which is quite bothersome because last version of flexget has some broken dependencies that I have to fix manually, carefully chosen the right version of some python packages.


Just to let you know, Intel NUC NUC6CAYH is a great option if you want to have something similar to DSS118 with the features of a 918+ (Docker, brtfs, etc). In addition to that, if you really want an almost silent setup, the  NUC6CAYH is barely audible most of the time, and with 6.2.3 (I have to try with 7.0.1 yet) the hardware transcoding works with video station using Video Station FFMPEG patch and community FFMPEG package.











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Just in case someone is having this problem. Finally I managed to solve the issue.


I edited the boot option in the grup menu during the boot process pressing "e", then instead of /dev/md0 I have written /dev/sda1 as the root device, and the Ctrl-X to boot.


After that, is able to find the NAS and install 7.0 over 6.2.3 whitout erasing the whole disk .


/dev/md0 works fine in the grub menu after installation, that change is just needed in the first boot you you don't have to make it permanent



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