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  1. I have searching through the forum and apparently since DSM 6.1.2 a valid serial number is required to use some of the synology apps Is someone maintaining a list of such apps? I have just installed Xpenology in a intel NUC and it's absolutely fantastic, but it a the apps I need are going to stop working I should move to other solutions, like OMV. For the time being the apps which require a valid sn are: -. Photo Station -. Video Station -. Audio Station -. Quick connect Some of them require a valid sn to transcode. Luckily I'm not using that ones nor quick connect. The ones I really need and that for the time being are working for me with DSM 6.1.6 are: CloudSync USBCopy CloudStation Download Station Transmission (there shouldn't be any problem with this one) -. Any one is having problems due to non valid sn with those apps? -. Any list of not working apps? -. If I stop updating DSM but continue updating apps, those apps could stop working in the future? So it's recommended to stop updating DSM AND apps? Regards: J.A