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New to XPEnology, need some advice


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Hi all


New to this forum and XPEnoligy, currently running HP 40l with Windows Home Server 11, and would like to move to this nas software. I have read the installation procedure and would like to know if the ProLiant 40L is the same or are additional tweaks required. What size usb is required for the bootup disk.


Appreciate any advice on offer to get me started.

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Xpenology doesn't require a boot drive the DSM software is installed in a system partition on every drive in the system.


The USB is a bootloader and its used purely for boot functionality once the DSM is up the USB is never used again until a reboot. There are scripts to eject the boot USB after the systems up to prevent accidental writes etc. You can also just hide the boot USB from users that you don't want to have access to it.


Xpenology works fine on the HP N40L as well as the other Gen7 models. It's also fine on the Gen8 G1610T etc. as already mentioned above.


There are some tweaks that you might want to apply once you have set-up the system.


One: You can install the Upgraded bios if you want to use the on board SATA and external Esata ports for additional storage.


Two: You can add a script and edit a config file to enable WOL functionality. Search the forum for WOL blar blar.


Three: You can add the power save script which will drop the clock rate while the system isn't under any great demand. You also need to edit the cron file to run the script periodically in case the system decides to override the power saver script. Search the forum of Power Save script...


Four: You can add a script which will allow you to power the server down safely using the power button. Search the forum for Power Button scripts...


Five: (This should have been #ONE) ideally you should modify the bootloaders script and change the Serial Number and MAC address. The Serial Number and the MAC need to be a matched pair! To sort that out you will need to download the Serial MAC generator spread sheet which generates a unique Serial and matching MAC address. Then simply add them to the boot USB scripts and replace all occurrences on each line. Search the forum for Change Serial number and MAC address.


That's pretty much it...enjoy!

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Another thing you should do is edit the default update options!


DSM Control Panel > Update and Restore > Update Settings...


[Check] Important Updates Only


[Check] Check for DSM updates automatically > Select Download DSM Updates but let me chose whether to install them.


Now go to DSM > Task Scheduler and disable the cron job for the automatic DSM update script.


Before applying official updates it's best to check on this forum in case the update causes unexpected issues.

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hello everyone


I'm new in this forum and XPEnology.I have a oem pc with nas boxes.I installed DSM on the win 8.1 ,I want to know that,can we transfer xpenology to hard drive as like bootable.I dont want to use virtual machine.I used bootable usb drive(xpenology) without OS,I installed DSM,but I dont know ,how is copy or system transfer xpenology t harddisk drive.

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