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Compiling Modules Qla2xxx strange behavior


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Hi, as you can see i'm trying to ad SCST support into synology to see if it's' possible use it as FC target, after a lot of trying i get a strange behavior

My setup

dev-machine centos7 with all rpm for kernel compiling, synogpl-sources 5644, toolchain bromolow-gcc473_glibc217_x86_64, kernel config from synotest with last xpenoboot bootloader ad last synology update, i used config.ko to retrieve running kernel config.

i have expanded braswell sources into /opt/ so i have /opt/source/linux-3.10.x folder with .config from running xpenology system

Following howto to compile modules, i use toolchain instead of native dev-machine compiler.

All kernel steps goes well all modules are correctly compiled,if i try to use newly compiled module for qla2xxx it doesn't work like the native in synology system, i don't unerstand why if the kernel it's' the same, the compiler it's the same, the .config it's the same, it seems that i lost something or xpenoboot it's' compiled with another compiler or the modules in bootimage comes from original pat file, or, i dont know :?:

Can someone helpme to undesrstand?


Many thanks

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Which compiler are using to compile xpenology kernel?

i saw two of them in sourceforge repos, one called braswell and another called linux-3.2.40 bromolow the first one it seem related to kernel 3.10.35 but our arch it's' bromolow

i'm trying to use bromolow compiler to see what happens

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