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[SOLVED] How to upgrade to DSM 5.2-5592 Update 2


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I am currently on the version DSM 5.2-5565 Update 1 on my xpenology X64 NAS.

As written in the title, I would like to know the proper way to upgrade to this version. I have already made an upgrade but it didn't go perfectly well at each time that's why I'm asking you.

During my upgrades, I think that I've found the way to do it, but I still have questions.


1st question : Do I really need to update to DSM 5.2 5592 update 1 before update 2 ?


Here is my first upgrading procedure :


1. Download the latest DSM Software on xpenology website, and upload it to the NAS with the manual update under Udpate and Restore in the configuration panel.


2. Then upgrade the corresponding Xpenoboot on my USB Stick.


3. At boot, I choose the Install/Upgrade choice. After that I don't remember what to do.


4. At the other boots later, it will normally choose the default boot option.


Here is my second upgrading procedure :


1. Update the Xpenoboot on the usb stick.


2. Find the NAS with Synology Assistant.


3. Go to the web interface of the NAS, select migrate and upload the .pat file of xpenology.


4. And then wait for reboot.


Which procedure is the best ?


Is this procedure will allow me to have a safe upgrade ?


Could you share your upgrade procedure ?


Thanks a lot for your time and for reading me,


I wish you all a nice day !


Best regards,




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Thank you for you reply !


I've found the first procedure here : http://www.xpenology.nl/installation-ds ... -update-2/


You'll understand that it could be disturbing since this website is a good source of information for xpenology.


Anyway, thanks for the reply, I'll mark this topic as resolved, unless you have something to add.


Thanks again for your help !

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Does this update pathway apply to update 3? I just got my Xpenology box setup last night, got up to patch 2 and realized that 5592 patch 2 is already up to patch 3 when looking at the update manager in the control panel. Is it safe to download this patch directly from Synology and perform a manual update or should I wait until that patch is released on xpenology.me? Thanks in advance!

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I have another way of upgrading.


1. Update Xpenoboot on usb stick

2. Boot normal (no install/upgrade)

3. log in to DSM, Manual update

4. Reboot


This procedure has been working for me since 5.1 and i am currently running 5.2 5592 U2.


I did it accidentally and it worked for me, am going to stick with it until it fails for me.

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As someone researching about XPEnology to see if it's really useful to me an easy to use and maintain, I consider it's really necessary to explain the correct update/upgrade procedure in some tutorial in xpenology.us. I consider it a very relevant point for data safety and reliability. I would be nice to know too where are the preferences stored and how to backup them, if possible, avoiding the console or any external tools :wink:

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