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  1. You can find your answers here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13762
  2. Here is the procedure I use to update the boot loader on the USB flash drive: 1. SSH to the NAS. 2. type in the following commands: [spoiler=]wget m ... 5592.2.img m (use appropriate link based on version of boot loader) find you usbdrive with fdisk -l dd if=XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5644.1.img of=/dev/sdg1 (sdg1 should be replaced with whatever your USB flash drive ID is) 3. Update the Synology DSM from your web browser. 4. Reboot. I learned this procedure from: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9835 I use this me
  3. That would make this software almost perfect!
  4. Nice . There's just one thing is stopping me right now: the Crashplan docker for unRAID was updated and now includes a viewer, so it's really easy to monitor or configure when needed, instead of the old way of having to connect remotely. That's a big bonus right now. I've seen that XPEn also supports dockers, so I tried to install the same Crashplan docker used in unRAID, and it's very very difficult (all the install script must be done quite manually ) Also, I've tried to research here and there about minor and major updates for XPEnology and they seem quite complicate to me, needing to
  5. Hi, As someone researching about XPEnology to see if it's really useful to me an easy to use and maintain, I consider it's really necessary to explain the correct update/upgrade procedure in some tutorial in I consider it a very relevant point for data safety and reliability. I would be nice to know too where are the preferences stored and how to backup them, if possible, avoiding the console or any external tools
  6. Thanks again to everybody answering here! Really useful information! @pastrychef, thanks for the clarification about the gray area, I get it and I agree with those users that has the potential to damage the XPEnology survival. I don't plan to use it, and DDNS is no problem to me (I already use it). And thanks too for the step by step explanation about the migration from unRAID to XPEn . If I finally do it I'll need to design a strategy, of course, so it helps . Time to weigh pros and cons and to decide what to do... I should stay with unRAID because it's working fine now, but apps like
  7. Working! Instead of using the SATA interface, I'm using the IDE one as you @sbv3000 pointed. Now it's working fine. Really easy to do and really nice GUI! The embedded help system is great too! It helps a lot with the new windows and many options! But it seems it lacks info about the SHRAID solution (the one I'm interested the most, because it's the one closer to unRAID . I've added two more disks to just play with them (adding and removing them from the volume) and I'm also playing with the Audio app! Man, it's great! It's what iTunes should be!! It even detects my Airplay speakers withou
  8. Wow! Thank you all of you for your clear, interesting, and helpful answers! I was thinking about waiting, because there's another old IT phrase which says: "if it works, don't touch it!". So I was thinking "why to mess with another thing, when unRAID is right now working, even it's difficult". But I have to say that, after reading your comments, I'm tempted again . As @sbv3000 said, I'm trying now with Virtualbox inside my Mac to see if I manage to test it. The issue is it doesn't format the virtual hard disks I created (I created 4 virtual disks to try to emulate a server and to play with
  9. I also had an unRAID setup prior to discovering XPEnology and can completely understand your feelings about it. It's good to know I'm not the only one with this feeling . What you say about the read-write performance sounds quite interesting. And the point about the size of the replacement disk and access to individual disks is something important to consider too . May I ask a couple more things? - Do you use Time Machine? Is it reliable? with unRAID I'm having issues, I don't know if it's because of my Mac, but it gets corrupted quite often, so I have to start a new one after
  10. Thanks for the links! That site has a lot of info there! Time to read!
  11. Thanks for the answer but that about virtualization sounds like coming out from a headache to land onto another one, isn't it? The most I've played with virtualization has been with VirtualBox. Can you (or any other) point me to a tutorial or first steps about it?
  12. Hi, I own a computer with unRAID installed on it. While it's very reliable, it's extremely boring and really difficult to add apps or features (dockers) to it. Every docker requires research, doubts, trial and errors until you get it working. Then, you depend on volunteers job to keep them maintained. I discovered recently this mod, and as Synology software looks fantastic and really friendly to use, I'm curious about its reliability and performance (I mean XPEnology) on a normal computer. Can this be a serious alternative to unRAID in a domestic environment? I was surprised when I fou