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  1. Aah ok, you're right indeed, I haven't paid attention enough ! Thanks a lot for you help, it was quite useful !
  2. Hi, Thank you for you reply ! I've found the first procedure here : ... -update-2/ You'll understand that it could be disturbing since this website is a good source of information for xpenology. Anyway, thanks for the reply, I'll mark this topic as resolved, unless you have something to add. Thanks again for your help !
  3. Hi, I am currently on the version DSM 5.2-5565 Update 1 on my xpenology X64 NAS. As written in the title, I would like to know the proper way to upgrade to this version. I have already made an upgrade but it didn't go perfectly well at each time that's why I'm asking you. During my upgrades, I think that I've found the way to do it, but I still have questions. 1st question : Do I really need to update to DSM 5.2 5592 update 1 before update 2 ? Here is my first upgrading procedure : 1. Download the latest DSM Software on xpenology website, and upload it to the NAS with the man