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[SOLVED] My NAS is degraded, what to do?


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it seem i have a problem on one HDD, i can't access the DSM interface http://ip:5000, but my network share are ok.

What to do now ? Shutdown the n40l and remove the faulty drive, then restart with my other 4 disks ? or stay like that and wait to receive my new hdd ?


if i remove my faulty drive, and then restart i'll have access to DSM interface ? coz actualy it's the annoying thing..


thx for your help

best regards

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you should still be able to access DSM regardless of how degraded a drive has become. I've had 2 of 3 go tits up on me before but still able to access it.


What version of DSM are you running? It's probably that that's gone bonkers.


Maybe try a different version, even if it means downgrading. There's stuff on here about 5.1 breaking the interface due to IP v6 issues. I think it even ported to 5.2


Try here:



for clues on what do to.

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I degraded my system on purpose about a week ago. I wanted to make sure that the SHR1 was working before i went ahead and tranfers all my data.


I did not encounter any errors accesing the dsm. try yourip:5001, Clear your browser history, ue the synology assistant.

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