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DSM 5.2 Storage Manager Health Pane


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I am currently running Xpenology system 5.2 5565 update 2 and i recently noticed that in storage manager--HDD/SSD--Health info i cannot access the overview or the history panel.

it says not available! i have an LSI controller in IT mode. is it just a badly installed system or some crazy configuration thing? i have the same running on another machine and it works fine...

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I have the same issue.

I'm running 5.2-5592.2, and the disks on a LSI9211 HBA in IT mode. It shows "not available" under Health info, for all drives.

I tried with just the Motherboard SATA ports, and here it shows Health info fine

It looks like it's an issue with LSI HBA, maybe a driver issue?


Any one have a suggestion?

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