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Simply.... Thank You...


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Hi Andy928,


Simply.... Thanks you and all involved in making this possible. It seemed fair to have a release as they used open source software for most of the OS, and somehow released source code, but late and seemingly incomplete. The door possibly got open with Qnology and then XPEnology :grin:


I did try to make Synology DSM work in a VM and Virtualbox since it supported Sata disks and VMware didn't was a good contender, and also considered Qemu as it could emulate ARM seemingly... Always ended up with a non booting Vm... But never tried recompiling the kernel...


Anyhow the DOM is just an IDE flash disk so OLD IDE disks on motherboards allowing to put the disk in read only mode (yes, it does exist) could be of use

Or cutting mayber IDE Pin 23 /IOW Write Strobe)... But it is usable unplugging the usb, and the Proliand Microserver N40l have an internal USB slot for usb key, so will try this evening :grin:


Nevertheless, thanks you for making that possible. I hope many will join me to thank you :grin:


Kind regards,


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Since you are in this thread, i will thank you as well. I found few things after installing under VMware thanks to the ++version with more hardware compiled...

This therefore might interest you:


Module drivers included the same way controller driver and network was done:

. List of supported USB speakers/soundcard: http://forum.synology.com/wiki/index.ph ... B_Speakers

. List of supported USB printers: http://www.synology.com/support/faq_sho ... 6〈=enu

. List of supported USB DVB-T (DTV) dongles by VideoStation http://www.synology.com/support/faq_sho ... u&q_id=532


. List of Supported USB webcam (UVC compatible): http://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/#devices By the USB Camera module (actually not compiled in kernel)

Repository: http://e-remonty.info/spkrepo/packages

. TVHeadEnd (cannot be running concurrently to VideoStation), add repository: http://www.synocommunity.com/packages




I tried an intel atom package for USB webcam: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/4qludm9rf5k079j/webcam-intel-41.zip?dl=1

Source: http://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=190&t=49790&start=150, repository/download: http://e-remonty.info/spkrepo/packages


I needed to reboot, time out half the time when launching the webcam module, but can show the video using webcam application.

USB device not detected in "external devices" but that's normal. Go into surveillance station, put the following to have surveillance station work:


. IP Address:

. Port: 5000

. Brand: [user Define]

. Path: /webman/3rdparty/webcam/webcam.cgi

. Login: admin

. Password: your admin password


PS: Playstation eye could work, but missing serial make them non supported with webcam 1.0 app


Synology Download Station Search Modules:http://sourceforge.net/projects/synoboost/?source=dlp
























Dreambox OpenPli [record with dreambox on NFS share on synology nas]


DSM > File station > create dreambox folder

DSM > Control panel > shared folders > select folder > Privileges > NFS privileges > *, read/write, Mapped to admin, Yes

Use the Dreambox web interface > settings > Mount Manager

Filetype: 0 (NFS)

Client directory: /media/hdd

Server Directory: /volume1/dreambox

Remote IP:

Username: admin

Pass word: your admin password

Ticked boxes: rw, nolock, intr, soft, tcp

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Hey guys!


I would like to chime in and thank you for the work you are doing here!


After spending two weeks trying to tune unRaid on my HP N40L Microserver to somewhat acceptable performance I found your forum.

This is a mother-effing godsend!


With the help of Mr. Nighthawk's usb modules everything is working like a charm!


So, thank you and keep up the good work!


Спасибо, ребята! Так держать! :cool:


P.S.: Btw, is there a "Donate"-Button somewhere? I would be happy to buy you a beer or two :wink:

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To thanks people for reading this thread, here is a list of 3rd party package repositories:

  • .
. http://e-remonty.info/spkrepo/packages
. http://packages.missilehugger.com/
. http://www.cphub.net/
. http://synopkg.superzebulon.org/spkrepo/packages
. http://packages.pcloadletter.co.uk/
. http://update.10trum.de/packageupdate/getpackages.php
. http://synology.mdevries.org/spkrepo/packages
. http://synology.sysco.ch
. http://packages.hoel.dk/
. http://spk.q14six.de/


I would recommend:

  • . sickbeard (tv series) couchpotato (movies) headphones (music) + sabnzbd (newsgroup download) + python
    . free usenet (newgroup) 1mb account
. Webcam

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