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  1. Same here, really great work!
  2. Synology offers some handy services, like the mobile apps and the cloud sync. Those things probably use some dynamic DNS and other stuff on their servers. Do those things still work in XPEnology? And if so: is there a risk that Synology will disable these services for users without an original/official serialnumber?
  3. Has anyone tested is the iPhone/Android apps work? Or DS Audio while you're not on your LAN?
  4. I understand, thanks for the answers! I don't have a N40L though, so I can't test the speed and the other things myself.
  5. I found this board because I was exploring if DSM could be ported to the Raspberry Pi. But this is way more interesting. I have some noob-questions, and I suspect I know the answer to some, but just to be absolutely clear: - I can install this on an N40L and this will act like a proper synology nas? - What would happen in the future if the server dies? Can I pull out a drive, put it in a USB enclosure, and access my data? - Can I just install any of the packages that Synology offers in their 'appstore'? - Could transcoding video to tablets and phones work using things like Plex?