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  1. Installing ipkg

    Hi, as far as I understand, some of you guys are using ipkg on your box. Could someone maybe provide some instructions how to install it? Is there something special to be aware of? I am not much of a Linux guy...
  2. Hallo

    Ebenfalls hallo an alle! Auf meinem HP N40L läuft alles soweit bestens — will demnächst ausprobieren, ob eine dedizierte Netzwerkkarte (noch) schneller wäre. Der Microserver kann ja keine Jumbo-Frames... LG, Myxomop
  3. Simply.... Thank You...

    Hey guys! I would like to chime in and thank you for the work you are doing here! After spending two weeks trying to tune unRaid on my HP N40L Microserver to somewhat acceptable performance I found your forum. This is a mother-effing godsend! With the help of Mr. Nighthawk's usb modules everything is working like a charm! So, thank you and keep up the good work! Спасибо, ребята! Так держать! P.S.: Btw, is there a "Donate"-Button somewhere? I would be happy to buy you a beer or two